Monday, July 22, 2024
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EarthCam and Procore
September 21, 2023

EarthCam Presents Major AI Advancements for Procore Customers at Groundbreak 2023

EarthCam, the leader in live camera technology, content and services, recently announced its latest integration with Procore, a leading global provider of construction management software. EarthCam is Procore’s number one site camera partner and continually adds visual data functionality to its deep integration. The new features premiering today build on EarthCam’s visual information ecosystem within the Procore platform, to increase productivity and maintain a safe and secure jobsite.

New with the seventh generation integration is additional support for AI-powered jobsite cameras to populate Daily Log sections in Procore with valuable imagery and metadata. EarthCam continuously extracts insights from live-camera streams to increase situational awareness on the jobsite, monitor construction waste, calculate manpower, manage timecards and control access. Alerts are generated based on predefined actions and notifications are sent about issues or events that require attention.

“EarthCam is continuing its mission to fuel Procore with high-quality, visual data from jobsite cameras, drones, and 360° reality capture,” said Brian Cury, Founder & CEO of EarthCam. “The innovative AI technologies we’re presenting at Groundbreak make this the most extensive integration to date, and will help our mutual customers significantly increase their return on investment in Procore.”

By presenting unique QR codes at entry points, door cameras can recognize individual data and automatically generate a permanent record of hours worked in Procore’s Timecards Log. Time between clock-in and clock-out events is automatically calculated and aggregated daily in the Manpower Log. New integrations with access-control APIs allow commonly used commercial keyless door entry systems to be locked or unlocked. Activity heatmaps are pushed directly into the Manpower Log to help managers resolve traffic and workflow issues before they cause expensive delays.

Also new for this integration, EarthCam’s breakthrough AI algorithms now detect when workers are operating at height with significant accuracy. By automatically pushing time-stamped images of workers on ladders, man-lifts or scaffolding into the Procore Daily Log, safety personnel can verify safe practices are being observed, fall protection is applied and PPE is correctly worn.

EarthCam offers a full line of security cameras and perimeter detection systems with up to one year of continuous video recording. Video clips of events can be trimmed and shared to Procore to maintain a record of security incidents. In addition, if a person or a vehicle enters a designated zone, alerts are sent to EarthCam’s Central Station Monitoring, where trained professionals review the incident, assess the risk and dispatch law enforcement as necessary.

EarthCam utilizes IoT sensors to document jobsite interior conditions, and generate Observations within Procore in categories such as Spills or Stormwater. Alerts are configurable and include flood, smoke and glass-breakage, plus more from an ever-growing list of IoT devices. EarthCam’s AI object identification is now used to help manage construction waste logistics – to highlight and record when dumpsters are full, partially full or empty. Project managers can verify removal, cancel unnecessary pickups and maintain an eco-friendly jobsite.

EarthCam’s comprehensive integration reaches more sections in Procore than any other construction camera provider. Jobsite photography is now embedded in Quantities, Dumpster, Delay, Plan Revisions, Productivity, RFIs, Change Events, Observations, Manpower, Notes, Equipment, Inspections, Safety Violations, Accidents, Waste and Photos. EarthCam’s Control Center has long been the software of choice among industry leaders for smart project documentation, marketing, safety and security. EarthCam provides camera rentals, professional installation and reality capture services to make construction project management more efficient with powerful visual data.

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