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March 15, 2019

DataBid Blog – Sugar Wharf Condos on Queens Quay to begin foundation work

Menkes Developments’ Sugar Wharf condos on Queens Quay by the Toronto Harbour will begin forming the underground levels for the 64 and 70 storey towers. The 11.5 acre LCBO Lands development was designed by ArchitectsAlliance per Urban Toronto.

Excavation wrapped up early this year and paved the way for the start of the foundation work. A first tower crane was installed at the base of the pit along the site’s southwest corner. A second tower crane was installed last weekend at the site’s northeast corner.

The tower crane assembly was done with the help of a large mobile crane and individual crane components were hoisted in place by the mobile crane and then bolted together.

For several weeks, crews have been carving away a caisson wall along the south end of the pit. Removal of some of the wall will create space for tunnels that will connect the two building’s underground servicing and PATH connections. An extension of Harbour Street will run over top.

According to Buzz Buzz Home, Sugar Wharf Condos is scheduled for completion in 2022. Sales for available units range in price from $410,900 to over $1,010,990. There will be a total of 1927 units and the sizes will range from 325 to 916 square feet.

The amenities will include the following:

– Outdoor terrace with lounge, fire pit and BBQ’s

 – Gym facilities

 – Movie screening room

Sugar Wharf Condominiums will be a place where homes, offices, shopping, restaurants, daycare, transit, schools and parks will be rolled into one community.

Per Condo Now, Queens Quay will have a total of 5 residential towers in the completion of the community known as Sugar Wharf.

Five top reasons to own a condo at Sugar Wharf are:

– Top quality developer project in the downtown core, close to Lake Ontario

 – Direct connection to Path network and minutes walking to Union Station

 – Major project in East Bayfront Revitalization

 – Very close to Google Sidewalk, a major employer

 – School built on-site

Phase 1 will include two residential towers housing a combined total of 1,927 units at 95 Lakeshore Blvd. This phase will include a new 25 storey LCBO headquarters office tower, a park and a new low-rise retail building.

Phase 2 will include three residential towers that will rise from a retail podium and will also house a public school.

DataBid is currently reporting on this project – Menkes Sugar Wharf Mixed Use Community – Toronto (0039060716)


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