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June 18, 2018

Cowry creates groundbreaking kitchen design app leveraging AI and Big Data to the advantage of the construction and renovation industry

VANCOUVERJune 18, 2018 /CNW/ – AI and Big Data are the talk of the town since last year, but the construction and renovation industry has yet to see the benefits of these new technologies. The amount of data required to create intelligent design software has proven an obstacle to the implementation of AI technology to applications like home remodels. Most home renovation companies simply don’t have the resources to acquire enough data to successfully create smart design software. Until now.

Cowry Cabinets, a manufacturer and dealer of high-quality cabinetry, is launching an ingenious app that will allow users to shop for, design and purchase a kitchen all through one easy-to-use, smart AI platform. Cowry’s goal is simple: extend the benefits of AI and Big Data to the renovation industry, and in the process, provide its customers with an easier, more affordable way to design and build kitchens.



The AI Kitchen Designer app delivers on this goal in three key ways:

Patented Advanced Intelligent Design Software – The design process is simplified to the extent that anybody from a first-time renovator to a no-nonsense contractor could download the app and design a kitchen in a matter of minutes. It’s as easy as entering your space measurements and selecting your cabinet and hardware styles. Cowry’s 3D rendering technology will use this information to instantly generate a visual representation of your kitchen design.

Easy Process from Design to Assembly – Once you’ve ordered your kitchen through the app, your cabinetry will be conveniently shipped from Cowry’s local Richmond warehouse within 24 hours and arrive pre-made and ready for easy assembly. Whether you’re installing your cabinets yourself, or a contractor is doing it for you, the process is painless following Cowry’s simple step-by-step instructions.

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Unbeatable Prices for Premium Quality – By ordering your kitchen directly through the Cowry app, you will get prices as low as $999 USD for a standard 10’x10′ kitchen. That’s less than you would pay for a sectional sofa. In addition to the money you will save by designing your kitchen yourself, these types of prices will make kitchen renovations affordable even for those on the tightest budget — without sacrificing on quality.

We have seen how drastically new technologies have changed other industries, and today, Cowry is spearheading that change in the kitchen construction business. The AI Kitchen Designer is the first of its kind in an industry where, up until now, the only option has been to spend time and resources on a designer and a dealer. Cowry’s vision is to develop the app into a professional kitchen shopping platform where users can go to purchase products from hundreds of kitchen suppliers. Suppliers will in turn benefit from this arrangement, by saving on marketing expenses and operating costs. In this way, Cowry will provide the most affordable and diverse selection of kitchen products on the market — all in one place.

Through this business model and the company’s strategy of cooperation with local service suppliers across North America, Cowry is building a brand-new ecosystem which encompasses the kitchen renovation process from end-to-end and has the potential for exponential growth.

To find out more about Cowry and the AI Kitchen designer app, visit: