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March 31, 2018

Construction Links Network: Weekly Round Up March 31, 2018

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Below are links to the top news items posted on the Construction Links Network over the past week.

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Revolutionary New Green Roof and Wall Rating System Launches

Ministry of Labour issues stop work order at Claridge construction site in Ottawa

Newfoundland and Labrador commits $13.6 million to complete construction of the College of the North Atlantic’s Motive Centre in Stephenville

Project submission period for the 2018 Quebec Steel Design Awards of Excellence is now open

Newly launched artificial intelligence platform can detect construction problems in hours

A look at the five most anticipated buildings in the world to be completed in 2018

Safety Bulletin – Reducing the risk of pentane gas fires & explosions for users of expanded polystyrene foam

Report on Comments (ROC) toward development of 2018 USHGC and USPSHTC now available for online download

Developers warn new taxes will drive housing costs up in Vancouver

A look at the world’s first 3-D printed community in El Salvador where houses can be built in 24 hours

Assure your perspective is represented in the most widely used family of construction codes

B.C. MLA injured after accident at concrete manufacturing facility

Update on Mississauga’s Matheson Pond Project

Campbell transit centre nears construction phase in St. Albert

Dartmouth construction firm awarded $32-million renovation project at the Halifax Infirmary

Kawartha Metals new $10 million building now under construction in Peterborough

Construction worker fatally injured at Penticton job site

Save the Date: 10th edition of the Quebec Symposium & Exhibition on Steel on October 22, 2018

Ontario housing minister to examine rental rules regarding ‘renovictions’

Design for new Coopers Green Hall in Halfmoon Bay unveiled

American investor looking to build a pastoral resort in Cape Breton

Coroner’s inquest jury recommends construction safety measures following fatal 2013 accident in Halliburton

ANCR announces a distinguished group of specialists to help develop the nation’s first community-wide resilience benchmarks related to buildings

Concerns persist in Nova Scotia about the supposed health risks of smart meters

A look at the mysterious holes in Hong Kong’s high-rises

Recom Moritsch’s first winter in the Great White North

CG/LA Honors Outstanding Infrastructure Achievement at the 2018 Project of the Year Awards in Montreal

Anthem acquires a residential site in southwest Calgary

Tropos releases fire response and EMS bed packages for utility electric low speed vehicles

Teknion enters new venture with Gus* Design Group

A look at Europe’s first 3D-printed concrete house in Italy

India is building Gujarat International Finance-Tec City, or GIFT City to attract global investment