Tuesday, October 19, 2021
October 14, 2021

Construction Begins on Cybe’s First 3D Printed Homes in the Caribbean

Dutch building firm CyBe Construction has begun working with concrete specialist Betonindustrie Brievengat (BIB) to build its first 3D printed homes in the Caribbean.

Currently under construction on the island of Curaçao, the deluxe houses are set to be luxuriously-appointed, with open office spaces, as well as an integrated patio and villa. By building them under the ‘Lyve by CyBe’ label, the companies aim to demonstrate 3D printing’s design freedom, cost and lead time benefits, plus its potential as a means of addressing the world’s rising housing shortages. 

“It is increasingly difficult to build affordably. Thanks to 3D concrete printing, in combination with ‘Lyve by CyBe’ housing design, we can solve this problem,” said Berry Hendriks, CEO & Founder of CyBe Construction. “As an experienced knowledge leader and technology provider with 3D concrete printers in every continent, we have been able to add BiB as a solid and progressive partner for the Caribbean.”

CyBe’s architectural ambitions 

Since 2013, CyBe has built up a strong portfolio of design, engineering and construction services around its proprietary concrete 3D printing technology. The benefits of the firm’s approach largely stem from its ‘CyBe MORTAR’ building material, which contains very low chloride and sulphate content, allowing it to set in just one hour, and it has around 32% less integrated CO2 than portland cement.

To deposit its eco-friendly cement, CyBe also markets both fixed and mobile 3D printers. While the former ‘R 3Dp’ features an ABB robotic arm attached to a metal frame that allows researchers to erect prototype structures, the latter ‘RC 3Dp’ sits on a crawler, enabling it to be moved and deployed in multiple locations within end-use construction applications. 

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