Saturday, December 07, 2019

COMMAND Center Blog – O. Trevino Drastically Expedites Schedules, Improves Safety Using COMMAND Center for Pavement Repair

Texas-based O. Trevino Construction specializes in concrete paving and highway maintenance. The team knows that pavement maintenance needs to be accomplished with as little traffic disruption as possible while resulting in high quality construction. This led them to using COMMAND Center maturity monitoring on full-depth pavement repair projects, saving significant time on their construction schedules.


Typically, in full-depth pavement repair projects, teams will break beams or cylinders to test concrete strength for opening to traffic. However, beams are labor-intensive to make and break. If someone doesn’t make a beam correctly, the team could be stuck waiting on the lab for hours. Beams are very heavy and can be dangerous to move, especially in inclement weather. If concrete meets sufficient strength before a scheduled beam break, the team has no way of knowing and valuable time is wasted.

Maturity can bridge the gap between what is really going on with in-place concrete and what is being assumed when breaking beams for acceptance. Maturity can also prove that in-place concrete has achieved adequate strength sooner than anticipated than by just breaking beams and cylinders, meaning roads can be reopened to traffic sooner.

O. Trevino has a strong commitment to quality, schedule, and safety, so they needed a way to produce a high-quality product while also quickly reopening the road to traffic and limiting the amount of time the construction team spends in hazardous work zones.

The COMMAND Center System

COMMAND Center employs small, self-powered sensors placed in fresh concrete that automatically measure temperature data at predetermined intervals and store data internally. The sensors transmit data to a compatible device running the free, powerful COMMAND Center software. COMMAND Center software uses the time and temperature data and applies the Nurse-Saul or Arrhenius formula to easily and automatically calculate maturity—a proven scientific method that estimates when the concrete has achieved the desired strength.

Using COMMAND Center and the maturity method can reduce the number of beams a team must make and break. They will know sooner when their concrete has reached sufficient strength, allowing them to open roads to traffic sooner and get workers out of dangerous work zones more quickly.

O. Trevino has been using COMMAND Center since 2004 and has used it on hundreds of full-depth pavement repair projects of all different sizes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

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