Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Calgary safety code
April 19, 2022

City of Calgary lays 49 charges against Dhaliwal Homes Ltd. for non-compliance with the Safety Codes Act

The City of Calgary laid 49 charges against Dhaliwal Homes Ltd., the sole director and two agents acting on behalf of Dhaliwal Homes Ltd. for not complying with the Safety Codes Act of Alberta. In addition, two charges for failing to comply with The City of Calgary’s Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 under the Municipal Government Act were also laid against Dhaliwal Homes Ltd. and the sole director.

These charges follow a three-month investigation by Calgary Building Services. The Safety Codes Act violations are related to the construction of two semi-detached properties and include:

·         Building without a municipal building permit for both homes and the detached garages.

·         Building without the necessary safety code inspections (electrical, gas, plumbing and building) being conducted.

·         Knowingly submitting false and misleading information in relation to permits, inspections and permission to occupy.  

Building permits ensure that residential development complies with local standards of safety for land use, zoning and construction and certifies that work is performed to building standards outlined in the Safety Codes Act of Alberta.

“Building safety violations pose a serious risk to homeowners and the community at large,” says Cliff de Jong, manager of Building Safety.  “The seriousness and magnitude of these violations and the impact to unsuspecting potential buyers in this red-hot real estate market, led The City of Calgary to conduct an  investigation and lay charges.”

The Alberta Safety Codes are designed to protect the public, create compliance and deter developers from unsafe practices. Dhaliwal Homes Ltd. can be fined up to $100,000.00 per offense and /or a term of imprisonment not exceeding six months if found guilty in relation to the safety codes offenses and a maximum fine of $10,000  and/or to a term of imprisonment for not more than one year in relation to the two charges in relation to the Municipal Government Act. This matter will be heard at the Provincial Court of Alberta in Calgary.

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