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April 14, 2019

City of Calgary introduces a new service for construction developments throughout the city



As reported in the Calgary Sun, residential construction, whether it’s in a new community in the suburbs or an apartment tower in the core, is always of interest to people living where the new construction takes place.

The construction can raise concerns in a number of areas, from traffic flow to increased noise – concerns that are heightened if the construction comes as a surprise.

To that end, the City of Calgary has introduced a new service to satisfy Calgarians’ curiosity and notify them about what’s developing.

Public notices, letters, signs and online information have been updated and simplified with easier-to-read information — including maps and images. Online tools have also been updated to improve Calgarians’ access to information, says Amie Blanchette, manager of Partnership Services, Planning & Development Department at The City of Calgary.

“Whether it’s a new infill home, a multi-storey apartment project or a new office building, there’s always change happening in our city,” says Blanchette. “We want to make it easier for Calgarians to access information and participate in the conversation around development activity in their community.”

Changes to the design and advertising format provides clarity to Calgarians on why they are receiving the information and what they can do to participate in the public hearing process.

Additionally, the City has updated its notification channels and will no longer be publishing long lists of addresses for development permits. Instead, all development permits will be made available in a searchable and dynamic format at calgary.ca/publicnotices

You can also find detailed information and descriptions about the development happening in your neighbourhood, 24/7 at calgary.ca/PDmap.

Keep reading in the Calgary Sun


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