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March 8, 2019

The changing face of the construction site



As blogged on Commercial Property Executive, the construction industry is slowly entering a new era, where innovative technologies are at the foundation of alternative delivery methods. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and augmented reality are already part of modern construction projects. Commercial Property Executive talked with San Jose-based Rosendin’s Division Manager Brandon Stephens and Project Manager Mark Stone to gain some insights on how the construction industry is adapting to the changing workforce landscape and what’s expected going forward.

How is augmented reality used to facilitate the construction process?

Stephens: We have been working with augmented reality for over a year and have deployed on a variety of projects as part of our BIM process. Our current AR efforts have been focused on safety and quality where we have developed simulations through our BIM process that can replicate the exact conditions that an individual will face, including manipulation of tools in a given situation. This provides a deeper training opportunity to enhance our safety training, especially when high-risk scenarios are involved.

How is design-build engineering and prefabrication changing the traditional construction site?

Stephens: A true design-build scenario is an optimal delivery method for maximizing prefabrication as it enables all stakeholders to have input on what would be the most efficient installation. The projects we’ve seen that benefit the most under a design-build scenario over the traditional construction method are ones that integrate a contractor’s prefabrication efforts with the entire project team. Having a fully coordinated model enables the prefabrication efforts, however, I believe we as an industry still have an opportunity to better align our individual prefabrication efforts for common work packages.

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