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September 11, 2019

Century old grain elevator demolished in Punnichy Saskatchewan



As reported on CTV News, the village of Punnichy saw a historical landmark disappear on Monday, as its 107-year-old grain elevator was demolished.

Built in 1912, it was one at one time one of the four elevators that created the skyline of the village.

“[We’re] losing a landmark,” said Lawrence Beyer, the mayor of Punnichy. “When you came in from either way, the first thing you could see in Punnichy was the elevators and now they won’t be there.”

The elevator was once the hub of the community, drawing in producers from around the area to drop off their grain.

‘I can remember riding along with my dad with a load of grain on the horses and wagon, coming into town,” said Beyer.

The grain elevator once could hold up to 30,000 bushels of grain, which is what many farmers can now accommodate on their own. So it joins the long list of businesses and buildings that have already closed down, including the credit union, doctor, medical centre, SGI and Gas station.

“It used to be a booming town,” said Beyer. “Every small town is going that way.”

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