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April 7, 2018

CCDC seminars to focus on project delivery, IPD and procurement

OTTAWA, April 6, 2018 – The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) is launching a series of cross-country seminars in April – May 2018 that will introduce new and updated documents, with a particular focus on project delivery methods, including the new CCDC 30: Integrated Project Delivery Contract, and procurement and contracting requirements.

The seminars are conducted by CCDC members who have worked on the development of the documents, and will provide important background on key provisions, significant changes to previous documents, and deliver valuable takeaways for those in attendance.

“The CCDC seminars are an excellent tool to launch the new documents, as well as explain the important changes to our previous documents,” explained Mark Mulholland, CCDC chair. “These sessions are also a great way for attendees to meet and converse with CCDC members who are integral in the development of our documents.”

Each seminar will be split into a morning and an afternoon session, with a bonus lunch presentation available to all attendees. Attendees can choose to attend one session or both. The morning session is entitled “Project Delivery – Choosing the Best Method” and it will focus on the project delivery selection process. The session will introduce the new CCDC 10: A Guide to Construction Project Delivery Methods, as well as the new CCDC 30: Integrated Project Delivery Contract. “The morning will be a fantastic session for all stakeholders, particularly owners who have to contemplate the best project delivery methodology for their projects,” Mulholland continued. “As well, attendees will receive an industry-first look at the new IPD contract, or CCDC 30, and gain an excellent understanding of how the contract addresses the IPD methodology.” The afternoon session will focus on procurement and contracts and showcase several best practices in the procurement process. It will introduce the new CCDC 23: A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts, a flagship and industry-leading document for procurement authorities.  The session will also introduce the new CCDC Master Specification for Division 00 – Procurement and Contracting Requirements. This new master specification is a first for CCDC and part of a longer-term effort to introduce more specification documents through CCDC.

“We are very pleased with the quality of the seminars and the amount of important information we will be able to share through these sessions,” Mulholland added. “Any participant in the construction industry including owners, procurement authority representatives, consultants, contractors, and any party involved in the construction project supply chain should have plenty to take away from these sessions. I would encourage all stakeholders to seriously consider attending these sessions.”

In addition to the morning and afternoon session, attendees will receive a bonus luncheon presentation on the following updated documents: CCDC 9A and 9B (Statutory Declarations), CCDC 11: Contractors Qualification Statement and CCDC 40: Mediation and Arbitration Rules. Attendees will also receive electronic versions of the new CCDC 23, CCDC Master Specification for Division 00, CCDC 9A/9B, CCDC 11, and CCDC 40, worth more than $100.

More information about the seminars is available at



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