Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What causes a construction project rework and a tool to help you fix it

construction project tool

According to the Construction Industry Institute (CII), field rework adds 10 per cent to construction-phase costs on major projects.

In an effort to keep projects on time and on budget, the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) created a free project rework reduction tool that tracks a project’s potential rework pitfalls and provides solutions.

Rework has been on COAA’s radar for almost 20 years, with a targeted subcommittee initiating research on how to reduce rework in 1998.

Through surveys and consulting the CII’s database, COAA determined that the main causes of project rework are engineering and reviews (such as late design and poor document control), construction planning and scheduling (e.g., late owner input, unrealistic schedules), leadership and communications (e.g., poor communication, lack of safety), material and equipment supply issues (such as untimely deliveries or non-compliance with specification), and human resource capability (e.g., insufficient skill levels, excessive overtime).

A 2001 survey determined that engineering and reviews make up 30 per cent of all project rework, construction planning and scheduling make up 26 per cent, leadership and communications make up 18 per cent, and both material and equipment supply issues and human resource capability make up 13 per cent.

In partnership with the CII, the COAA came up with the interactive Project Rework Reduction Tool (PRRT).

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