Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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Caber Trace
June 30, 2020

Caber Group introduces a subscription-based contact tracing solution for the construction industry

Caber Trace, a Covid-19 Risk Management company, announced today that its subscription-based contact tracing solution will be ready to deploy by late summer.  Caber Trace features hardhat mounted Bluetooth beacons that provide visual and physical distancing cues to each worker that helps them to adhere to physical distancing protocols on their job site.  The beacons record all “proximity events” for wireless upload to the Caber Trace platform that is used to alert workers who have come into close contact with the virus while at work.

In partnership with Todd Lewis, CEO of PeopleFlow Analytics Inc., Caber Trace employs a proprietary software platform that maintains workers’ personal privacy and can only be accessed by a constructor when a worker has presented symptoms or been diagnosed with Covid-19.

“Our goal is to keep workers and their families safe and informed”, says Caber Trace CEO and co-founder Josh Gibson.  “Mobile based apps are not the answer in a construction environment.  The use of personal smartphones with geo-location features blur the line between a worker’s personal and professional life.  We set out to solve the immediate problem our industry is facing with a dedicated, subscription-based solution that makes Caber Trace a project cost like any other piece of PPE.”  Gibson’s co-founder and Caber Trace COO, Robert Hewitt adds, “We hear the ongoing troubles that our industry is facing and want to make an immediate impact by helping accelerate projects and freeing up valuable time for our Health & Safety workers.”

Caber Trace is undergoing its Proof of Concept program and will be available to deploy by late August 2020.  The company’s vision is to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 infection for the 8.7 million construction employees in Canada and the United States.


Caber Trace is a part of the Caber Group of Companies located in Ottawa, Ontario.  For more information and to discover how we can minimize the spread of Covid-19 within your workforce visit or email at

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