Thursday, September 19, 2019

Building inspections problems exposed in Whitehorse

building inspection

After spending $200,000 to have a garden suite built on his property, Michael Buurman says he’ll likely have to go into even greater debt for the repairs now required on the site.

Much of the issue, he argued at last Monday’s council meeting, stems from the city’s building inspection process.

“I feel the public deserves to know this,” Buurman said, after outlining the series of events that has seen him now faced with the repairs.

As he recalled, he trusted his contractor to do the work properly and the city to do its due diligence when it comes to building inspections.

Since the garden suite was built though, the drain pipe freezes on a regular basis.

Buurman finds himself in a situation where he’s required to pay for work to be done to fix it because the contractor who did the work on the property has since gone bankrupt.

Buurman said that he, as the property owner, pulled the necessary permits and had the contractor do the work.

Not being a builder, electrician nor such, he trusted his contractor to meet all the requirements outlined in the permits. And he expected the city to make note of any issues in its inspections.

Not seeing any violations listed on the building inspection report, Buurman paid his contractor in full.

He later learned there were issues of the contractor not having arranged for inspections at points during the build when they were supposed to happen.

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