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March 16, 2018

Building your own home? Some things to consider

Do not let the many types of decisions you will need to make dissuade you from building your own home. Undoubtedly, you will hear from many well meaning relatives and friends who might offer up horror stories that they’ve heard, but building your own home is not that difficult… providing you plan. Planning can also remove or reduce obstacles and other points of contention sometimes inherent in home building.

Six Important Considerations Before Building Your Own Home

1. Where will you build? Location is everything. You can put up a bad wall, tear it down and build it again, but you cannot move land. You’re stuck with what you bought. Heed: the adage location, location, location. Buy the land first and make sure you have access, a road that leads to your property.

2. Are utilities available to your lot? Some remote locations will not have utilities readily available. In that event you might need to rely on a generator, septic tank, propane and well. If so, find out how deep you will you need to dig for a well. You don’t want to discover later a well is not feasible.

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