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September 12, 2019

Back to School with Remove The Fume

For over forty years the Plymovent brand has specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of weld fume extraction solutions for clean air at work. Remove The Fume offers plug and play solutions with ready to use products  for weld fume extraction equipment. Remove The Fume is our factory direct store offering end user solutions for high quality filtration and extraction units for weld shops, schools, hobbyists and anywhere welding work is completed. As well as students working to hone their skills and practicing. Whether welding indoors or outdoors, the use of weld fume extraction equipment is essential to protecting your long term health and to protect the shop environment from the dangers of weld fume.

The ever popular PHV unit is the perfect product offering for small welds being conducted. The PHV offers a magnetic suction wand that easily secures to metal objects and is an excellent beginners weld extractor. With its lightweight of 60lbs, it is an excellent portable unit and one of our best sellers.

Remove The Fume will offer a 5% discount on ALL weld fume extraction equipment purchased by a student with a valid weld certificate or currently enrolled in a welding program.

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1 800 465 0327 ex 212