Thursday, September 19, 2019

Australia to strip buildings of ‘flammable’ cladding after Grenfell disaster

cladding Australia

Authorities in Australia are set to strip buildings of ‘flammable’ cladding in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Times reported officials estimate at least 2,700 buildings in New South Wales have aluminium composite cladding similar to that used in the north Kensington tower block where more than 70 people died.

The New South Wales government’s plan to identify and replace at-risk cladding will be presented to the state cabinet today.

It could leave building owners liable for multi-million dollar costs – which may in turn lead to a rush of legal action against builders, developers and even inspectors.

According to The Australian newspaper, some builders say every residential tower block built in Melbourne over the last 20 years features the cladding.

Will Canada do the same? thank you in advance for sharing your opinion. Editor

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