Monday, July 22, 2024
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Building in a box
July 10, 2024

$8,000 lockable building-in-a-box assembles in 11 minutes, sleeps 8

CMAX Systems’ building-in-a-box is an innovative, portable structure initially designed for refugee housing, now available for $8,000. Measuring 19 ft by 7.4 ft with a 7.2 ft ceiling, it folds into a 330-lb unit transportable by pickup or trailer. Set up requires two people and ten minutes without special tools. The building features a solid floor, lockable door, adjustable legs, and natural ventilation. It can accommodate solar panels, air conditioning, and water treatment units. Uses range from temporary housing and storage to medical units and outdoor events. Originally an emergency shelter, its robust design suits various climates and applications, addressing issues like homelessness and providing quick, stable shelter on uneven ground.

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