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Kee safety blog - June 21
June 21, 2022

5 Fall Protection Solutions for the Construction Industry

Rooftops present a multitude of hazards for construction workers. Even accessing the roof can be a problem. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of the dangers posed and the evolution of systems and equipment to protect workers.

#1 – Gateway to safety

Ladders and roof hatches are the most common ways to access a rooftop; however, these access points need protection against a fall. A roof access hatch, such as Kee Dome Railings, requires a railing system that uses a self-closing safety gate. Once the worker passes through the safety gate, it closes so that the access hatch is guarded against a fall. The same goes for ladders. Kee Gate is a self-closing gate used as part of a railing system to offer fall protection where ladders meet the roof.

#2 – Rail against the boundaries

The most comprehensive protection on a flat or low-sloped roof is an engineered, ballasted guardrail system around the perimeter. KeeGuard is a modular, non-penetrating free-standing safety railing system designed for the specific roof layout and design. Since it is always in place, KeeGuard provides constant roof edge fall protection without a second thought.

For construction workers, permanent roof edge railings may not yet be installed. However, fall protection can be provided with portable, temporary railing sets such as KeeGuard Contractor and demarcation warning lines, such as Kee Mark.

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