Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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40 times architects failed
March 15, 2023

40 times Architects failed to consider basic functionality and got called out on this online group

Some buildings are like terrible accidents—you can’t help but feel bad looking at them, yet can’t seem to turn your eyes away either. Whether it’s the unfortunate design or the toll time has taken on them, such constructions rarely fail to catch one’s attention.

Unsurprisingly, there is an entire subreddit devoted to this type of eyesores. Members of the ‘Shitty Building Porn‘ community share images of buildings gone wrong, which add up to quite an impressive (sadly, not in a positive way) collection. We have found some of the most peculiar examples for you to browse that show just how important certain architectural decisions are.

Architecture is an intricate practice, requiring loads of knowledge and creativity, as well as a good eye for detail. It entails not only coming up with the right design for a building, but overlooking its construction as well. Both of these phases are equally important for the overall architectural integrity of the completed structure.

Taking care of responsibilities from the very first draft on a napkin to the final result on the street might be a handful. And that’s why this art form is not for everyone. However, according to 2019 data, there were over 115,000 licensed architects in the US. The same year, the number of architects’ businesses reached nearly 70,000, while now it’s getting close to 75,000.

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