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July 28, 2021

4 Strategies to Attract and Retain Young Construction Talent | Advice From a Gen Z Worker

Young talent is very tough to come by in construction these days. The emphasis on college and university degrees has led young people away from trades and careers in construction. While these jobs may not be as desirable to some, having a career in construction can result in many great financial opportunities while also being a part of a fantastic construction community.

But at the moment, these construction careers are not as heavily pursued as they used to be and construction businesses need strategies to combat this. Moreover, not only will you need to attract young workers to your team, you have to get them to stay and that can be the hardest part.

In order to make construction more attractive to the Gen Z and Millennial generations, I believe that you need to provide technology on site, use innovative field and project management software, and have a great social media presence. Technology is the most important thing you could add and young workers will be more likely to join your team because of that. Furthermore, providing training along with having new technology on the job site will help retain young workers for a long time.

This article will provide advice on how to attract and retain young talent. As a Gen Z profile myself, I know first-hand what would convince young people to join a company. I believe that tapping into my knowledge will give you insight to exactly what young workers want.

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