Monday, July 22, 2019

$22.3 million remodel at PEI’s Three Oaks high school underway

pei achool remodel

Chances are if you’ve driven past Three Oaks High School lately you’ve probably noticed quite a few changes to the exterior of the school.

But, it is on the inside where the most dramatic transformation is taking shape.

“It’s a major renovation,” said Tyler Richardson, manager of building design and construction for the province.

“It’s certainly not cosmetic in nature. We’re going to repurpose a lot existing spaces, and create new spaces, better organized to deliver the current curriculum.”

In fact, the entire 160,000 square foot school will be completely remodeled over the next two years.

It’s the first major upgrade to the school since it opened in 1976.

The project is being tackled in phases.

The first phase — which is already underway — will include three new classrooms, a food lab, a 120-seat black box theatre and seven new break out rooms for group projects, practicing presentations and viewing course-oriented material.

“What we’re seeing here is basically a new school being built within the existing walls of the facility,” said Doug Currie, P.E.I.’s minister of education, early learning and culture.

Work to modernize the school is expected to cost $7 million more than the original estimate.

P.E.I.’s Department of Education says it’s now budgeting $22.3 million for the renovations, which started in March.

According to the department, a number of things are to blame for the increased price — from the low Canadian dollar and a competitive construction season to costly asbestos removal and technology adaptations.

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