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New BYK-Gardner byko-visc RT Self-Calibration Option


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byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer – The premier instrument for precise measurement results

User Self-Calibration Screen

Rick Trawick, Head of Operations, BYK-Gardner USA

byko-visc RT Viscometer Upgradeable with Time and Cost Saving Self-Calibration Option

Self-calibration ensures peak performance throughout the life of the instrument while saving time and money ”

— Rick Trawick, Head of Operations, BYK-Gardner USA

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2024 / — BYK-Gardner USA – worldwide partner of the automotive, paint and plastics industries for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties – announces their new byko-visc RT Self-calibration option.

The byko-visc RT Rotational Viscometer is now upgradeable with the new time and cost-saving self-calibration option (User Certification). Customers are now able to self-calibrate throughout the life of the instrument with a one-time purchase of this option. The self-calibration option can be added on to a new byko-visc RT purchase or be added on after sale. Customers can simply send their instrument in for a one-time firmware upgrade and configuration to enable the function. This option saves time, money, and ensures that the instrument is always at peak performance without compromising accuracy.

byko-visc RT FIRMWARE USER CALIBRATION ADD-ON OPTION (Listed Under Individual Model Accessories)
• Purchased with instrument:
Password is provided for calibration screen.
• Purchased after sale:
Return instrument for one-time configuration.

• User Calibration is fast and easy.
• Overwrites factory calibrations from BYK.
• Can be defaulted back to factory calibration at any time.
• Does not include SSA, Spindle, Certified Oil, Water Bath,
certified thermometer which must be purchased separately.

• Calibration Kits include firmware upgrade, small sample adapter, spindle and Viscosity Standard Oil.
• Calibration requires water bath and certified thermometer sold separately.

• Circulating Water Bath to maintain the SSA chamber to 25°C during calibration. Sold in 120V and 240V.
• Pt100 Certified Thermometer with 8” stem

The byko-visc RT viscometers come ISO-17025 certified when purchased new.
This certification option provides preventative maintenance through complete instrument verification by certified BYK-Gardner technicians. Start the recertification process by filling out the form.

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