Monday, June 17, 2024
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MYBOS Version 4 Takes Centre Stage in Addressing Building Defects in Australasia

Screenshot of MYBOS Calendar Feature

MYBOS Calendar Feature

MYBOS Cases Feature Overview

Screenshot of MYBOS Amenity Request Feature

MYBOS Amenity Request Feature

MYBOS is celebrating more than a decade as a leading SaaS platform in Australasia for the Top 200 Organisations many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

My favourite work mate. Fully featured and very efficient. A perfect job companion for a building manager. Highly recommended.”

— – Charlene Sen, Building Manager at Jacksons Landing

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, January 23, 2024 / — During the 2023 calendar year more than 950,600 cases/work orders were raised and resolved using MYBOS in relation to defects, maintenance and other related issues by managers, owners, tenants and residents.

In the face of a mounting challenge in the Australian building landscape, MYBOS, Australasia’s premier Building and Facility Management software, celebrates a decade of success by introducing MYBOS Version 4, an innovative solution streamlining and empowering Building and Facility managers. One area where MYBOS has been an instrumental solution is addressing the escalating defects crisis in multi-residential buildings across Australia and particularly in New South Wales (NSW).

Recent data from the 2023 Strata Defects Survey published by the NSW Government reveals a stark reality: 53% of buildings surveyed in NSW have experienced serious defects in common property, a significant surge from 39% in 2021. The dilemma becomes more pronounced as the proportion of serious defects reported to the regulator in 2023 has more than doubled since the 2021 survey, with 34% of buildings now reporting serious defects compared to a mere 15% in 2021.

Waterproofing and fire safety systems continue to dominate as the most prevalent defects, constituting 42% and 24% respectively in 2023. While the prevalence of waterproofing defects has seen a decline in recent years, the urgency of addressing these issues remains paramount.

Ari Monfared, Head of Marketing at MYBOS, highlights the pivotal role of MYBOS Version 4 in this scenario, stating, “Our journey has been driven by a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to surpassing our customers’ expectations. MYBOS Version 4 stands as a testament to our dedication in providing cutting-edge solutions with functions that are purpose built for the building and facility management sectors.”

Monfared delves into MYBOS’s powerful features, specifically emphasising the significance of the Cases feature. “Consider our Cases feature, for instance. This functionality not only responds to but directly tackles and streamlines the challenges Building and Facility managers face in relation to maintenance issues, defect management and resolution. Defect resolution does not need to be ad hoc – our software provides a systematic approach, providing owners, developers, and tenants with a transparent view of defect resolution.

More than 71% of owners have had a defect resolved and most are resolved quickly with more serious defects being resolved within 6 months*. During the 2023 calendar year 950,601 cases for defect, maintenance and other related issue were logged by owners, developers and residents and resolved by utilising MYBOS.

MYBOS Version 4 takes a proactive stance in addressing these concerns, ensuring a more efficient and reliable building and facility management experience for not only Building and Facility managers but also for owners, tenants, and residents. The innovative Cases feature empowers users to track and resolve defects, maintenance, and general issues seamlessly, aligning with the pressing need to be proactive. In addition, reporting defects has become very easy for owners, tenants, and residents as they can do it all in a few minutes using the MYBOS App on their iPhone or Android device whilst keeping tabs on the status of the resolution.

As MYBOS celebrates its decade of success and introduces Version 4, the focus remains on delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of building and facility managers, reinforcing MYBOS as a leader in the sector. For further information or to schedule an interview, please contact Ari Monfared – Head of Marketing at MYBOS by email at or call 02 8378 1096. Enquiries can also be made online at

*NSW Government 2023 Strata Defects Survey –

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