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SAIT Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies

Date Listed October 21, 2021
Company SAIT Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies
Phone 888-284-7051

Our newly established Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies demonstrates both the passion and commitment we have for being a global leader in applied education. We’re aware of the ongoing demand for lifelong action-based learning, especially in today’s rapidly-evolving digital economy.

Maintaining relevance is critical for success. We design our skills-centric curriculum by employing solution-focused research and engaging in enterprising partnerships with industry experts, leaders in government and past and present students from around the globe. This collaborative approach ensures our curriculum is always relevant to market needs. We’re committed to supporting new and emerging sectors, and will redesign existing programs, and develop new courses, to meet workplace demand.

We’re here to address your unique educational needs and help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated instructors are experts in their field and invested in your growth. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skillset, increase your job prospects, advance your career or embrace personal development. Further, we offer flexible learning solutions – both online and in-class – to best suit your lifestyle.

Now is the time to invest in yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre and supporting your professional and academic development. Your success defines our future. Together we are stronger. 

For more videos on SAIT’s Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies, please click here.

  • Address : 1301-16 Avenue NW
  • City / Town : Calgary
  • Province / State : AB
  • Postal / Zip Code : T2M 0L4
  • Website Link : https://coned.sait.ca/
  • Linkedin Link : https://www.linkedin.com/school/saitca/
  • Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/sait/
  • Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAqa3U8cTowb92y4NgLQVg
  • Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/sait
  • Vimeo Link : N/A