Wednesday, February 26, 2020
RAIC conference

Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute

Date Listed October 14, 2019
Company IRSST
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IRSST’s scientists and the external researchers whose work it funds conduct studies and publish results that contribute to the advancement of knowledge about occupational injury prevention and worker rehabilitation.

While this new knowledge takes multiple forms, its ultimate goal remains the same: to help equip workplaces to carry out their mission: “the elimination, at the source, of dangers to the health, safety and physical well-being of workers,” which is the main aim of the Act respecting Occupational Health and Safety (AOHS). Given that it is not always possible to attain this primary prevention objective, the IRSST must conduct studies on secondary and tertiary prevention as well.

One thing is certain, however: the results of these studies help build OHS knowledge, sometimes through breakthroughs or major advances, but more often brick by brick. The peer-reviewed results are often unprecedented, and are always based on evidence and solid scientific foundations. They also allow new research avenues to be explored.

The IRSST conducts most of its scientific and technical activities in four research fields that it has designated as priority following consultation with the OHS network and the workplace community.

The IRSST channels its efforts into the most promising research niches based on an ongoing process of identifying and updating priority needs in the area of occupational health and safety in Québec as they evolve.

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