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Date Listed March 30, 2021
Company EchoStone
Phone 585-598-7320

EchoStone is an innovative housing system designed specifically to address the worldwide housing shortage. So, what does that mean? EchoStone combines best in class design, development, and construction elements to achieve higher housing standards for communities in need through the use of state of the art technology and construction process.

At the center of the system is a mobile, computerized, in-situ concrete factory on wheels that produces consistent and continuous monolithic pouring of high quality houses on location in almost any environment. Depending on density, the 625 machine can produce EchoStone’s proprietary cellular light weight concrete, or CLC, at a rate equivalent to that of five standard concrete trucks; and has the capacity to deliver it 60 meters vertically and 200 meters horizontally. By utilizing three machines and 16 sets of formwork, the EchoStone system produces houses at a rate of four, 64m2, houses per day.

EchoStone walls are constructed using customizable, lightweight, easy to use, and reusable panel formwork – replacing the use of steel, aluminum, plywood, and cinderblocks. No heavy lifting equipment is required for operation.

  • Address : 7615 Omnitech Place, Suite 7
  • City / Town : Victor
  • Province / State : NY
  • Postal / Zip Code : 14564
  • Website Link :
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  • Youtube Link : N/A
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