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DataBid – Commercial construction bids in an easy-to-use, intuitive platform

Date Listed September 9, 2019
Company DataBid
Phone 888-929-3282

What is Databid?

DataBid informs your business of local, public & private-sector, commercial construction bids in an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. With DataBid, it’s easy to see all the information you care about in one place. We make it simple for you to make faster, better-informed decisions. There is no software to download & everything is accessible to you on all your web-enabled devices.

DataBid offers top quality commercial leads & reports on all pre-construction phases of a project: in-design, out-to-bid & bid-results. DataBid also provides accurate plan-holder and bidder information. We leverage proven technology to make you more efficient & save you time & money. DataBid enables General Contractors, Subcontractors & Material Suppliers to make business processes more cost effective & more profitable. 

Project Type

Locate jobs by the type of work you do



See only the projects you need by area


Construction Stage

We track projects from In-Design thru Bid-Results



Easily locate opportunities by public & private sector


Division Trade

Quickly see just the jobs calling for your confirmed trade


Contracting Method

Your departments will know who to contact & when


See how you can save time managing your projects in one place

Databid’s software notify’s you of virally 100% of all Public Projects plus Hundreds of hard to find Private opportunities. Find more projects and convert more of them into awards and customers.


Get qualified leads

With Databid’s advanced search tools, you’ll always know about the right jobs in the right area. You’ll never miss an important project again.


Get complete details

With Databid’s research team, you’ll save hours chasing down important details and become a bidding machine.


Get key contacts

With Owners, Architects, Meeting Attendees, plan Holders, GC’s seeking Subs, Bid Results & Awards all at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to find more projects ad bid them faster than ever.


Gain access to local jobs that call for your trade

Bid or negotiate on your terms with confidence

DataBid gives you key information to beat the competition, see past bid results & gain a market advantage

  • Never miss another important opportunity again
  • Stop digging through countless resources
  • Stay informed with less hassle


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Merit Contractors Niagara Case Study

“Merit Contractors Never Misses a Key Project from a Hospital or University with Databid’s Company Tracker Tool.”

“Before using Databid, we had hoped Hospitals and Universities would reach out to us with an invite to pre-qualify or bid. With Databid’s Company Tracking Tool, we are instantly notified anytime a company we’d like to work with shows any project activity.”

Sr. Partner, Merit Contractors Niagara | Dennis Kowalchuk


Databid’s Public Reporting Team

Databid contacts all of the Towns, Municipalities, Cities, School Boards, Universities, Libraries, Government Agencies, Conservation Authorities, Housing Authorities, Emergency Agencies, Departments of Transportation, as well as key Engineers and Architects. Databid scours thousands of websites multiple times every day looking for commercial construction projects.

Databid’s Private Reporting Team

The Databid Private Reporting department calls on nearly every single Owner, Architect, Engineer, General Contractor and Property Manager to confirm what they have in the works. Databid will seek out Office Buildings, Restaurants, Strip-Centers, Condos and Big Box projects like Wal-Mart and Target.


  • Address : 330 South State Street
  • City / Town : Newtown
  • Province / State : IL
  • Postal / Zip Code : 18940
  • Website Link : https://www.databid.com/
  • Linkedin Link : https://www.linkedin.com/company/databid
  • Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/databid
  • Youtube Link : N/A
  • Twitter Link : https://twitter.com/DataBid