Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Date Listed November 18, 2021
Company Credivera
Phone 1-800-805-5710

Credivera is a technology platform that provides proof of certifications and work experience. The cloud technology collects and verifies digital credentials while using blockchain to maintain a real-time, auditable record. Credivera’s solutions use globally accepted standards to help business leaders in over 30 countries achieve their goals associated with the verification of credentials and compliance.

The Credivera framework is made up of three important components: The Network: the technology that integrates the sources of workforce information to your systems The Wallet: the application that manages a worker’s digital credentials and accomplishments Compliance Tools: scalable solutions that assist organizational performance and provide an auditable record for reporting and reducing liability.

As our name suggests, we believe credibility and verification removes uncertainty. We believe that individuals should own their data and that companies should be removed of the liability of holding it. We believe in proof. And if you’re able to prove your data, you can make confident, better decisions, faster.

  • Address : PO Box 22041
  • City / Town : Calgary
  • Province / State : AB
  • Postal / Zip Code : T2P 4J1
  • Website Link :
  • Linkedin Link :
  • Facebook Link : N/A
  • Youtube Link :
  • Twitter Link :
  • Vimeo Link : N/A