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COMPASS by Bespoke Metrics

Date Listed August 31, 2021
Company COMPASS by Bespoke Metrics
Phone 800-689-6819

What makes us different

Bespoke Metrics is a fast growing technology startup. We are a data driven company aimed at disrupting the the construction, insurance and real estate industries. We believe that even the smallest data point can provide valuable insight and can introduce these industries to a world of opportunity.

Bespoke Metrics strives to provide innovative solutions for industries looking to utilize data to its fullest. We want to define your data before it defines you.

A Construction Industry Poised for Disruption

It’s estimated that by 2020 the global construction market will be worth 10 trillion dollars. Yet it is widely considered the least technologically advanced and, in turn, the least efficient industry. At Bespoke Metrics, we have access to exclusive industry data through partnerships with some of the most powerful construction, insurance and real estate companies in North America. By combining this data access with our company’s unparalleled analytical and technical expertise in risk, data and financial modelling, we are able to offer our clients unique insight and uncover valuable trends that lead to millions in savings and revenue.

The future of the construction industry is at our fingertips. At Bespoke Metrics we strive to push each other to achieve the highest levels of success. Our culture is built on positivity, strong leadership, cohesiveness and most importantly, fun. Data is king and our ability to understand and utilize it puts us in an amazing position for success. We are skilled. We are growing. We are data driven. We are Bespoke Metrics.

  • Address : 55 York Street
  • City / Town : Toronto
  • Province / State : ON
  • Postal / Zip Code : M5J 1R7
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