Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Centrifugally cast manhole and culvert trenchless rehabilitation

Date Listed October 18, 2018
Company AP/M Permaform
Phone 800-662-6465


AP/M Permaform offers engineered solutions for the trenchless rehabilitation of badly deteriorated manholes, pipe and similar underground structures with our Permacast® and CentriPipe® systems.

Permacast®, a high strength, corrosion resistant liner, is centrifugally cast, at the best thickness (1/2″-2″) for the condition, depth, traffic loading and ground water pressure of the existing structure. For added protection, ConmicShield® anti-microbial additive prevents Thiobacillus bacteria that produce sulfuric acid in sanitary sewer systems, providing long term MIC protection of concrete structures.

CentriPipe® has proven to be very versatile and cost effective for 30” and larger CMP, RCP, and brick pipes of all configurations, including round, arched, elliptical, and box. CentriPipe® materials, equipment, and application ensure high-quality structural, water-tight, trenchless rehabilitation of storm and sanitary sewer pipes.

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