Saturday, August 17, 2019

Canadian Farm Builders Association

Date ListedAugust 26, 2018
CompanyCanadian Farm Builders Association
Phone519 824 0809

The Canadian Farm Builders Association was formed by a group of farm building contractors who met on Feb. 5, 1980 and saw a need for some uniformity in the farm building industry and quality standards to work from. With ongoing educational opportunities, advisories, and policy manuals, CFBA members today work with the latest information available, with much of this coming from the Canadian Farm Builders Association and OMAFRA.

The Association consists of numerous stakeholders within the agricultural community. These members include farm builders, engineers, OMAFRA employees, building inspectors, and suppliers of farm building-related products and services. Farm buildings are becoming more complex with environmental concerns as well as safety. Today’s farm buildings are not just barns, but incorporate components that produce healthy livestock, save energy and protect the environment.

Quality can only come with the knowledge of today’s codes, construction practices and environmental requirements.

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