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Marketing agency disrupter, BriteBirch Collective, launches industry’s first end-to-end growth engine offering


The BriteBirch Growth Engine provides RevOps and funnel marketing powered by data.

The BriteBirch Growth Engine can be customized to fit any business need.

From market research to CRMs, lead-gen to sales training, BriteBirch’s unique model helps FinTech and HealthTech companies modernize their marketing and sales.

When designed around a data-led approach, the BriteBirch Growth Engine becomes a powerful, sustainable, measurable and actionable tool for the entire business”

— Jamie Read, CEO and Founder of the BriteBirch Collective.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, April 3, 2024 / — Canada-based integrated marketing agency, BriteBirch Collective, today announced the launch of a full end-to-end growth engine offering for business-to-business (B2B) companies looking to modernize their marketing and sales through a data-led approach. Considered the first holistic offering of its kind, BriteBirch’s unique agency structure, provides clients with curated teams made up of experts in market research, marketing technology, CRM optimization, content development, lead-generation, sales training and community building. A Client Architect is tasked with project management, client management and strategic oversight, ensuring consistency and continuity as the team right-sizes for each step of the process.

While the approach can be applied for any B2B company, BriteBirch is focusing initially on B2B health and financial companies whose unique regulatory environments present challenges for marketing and sales functions that also tend to be siloed within the business. The BriteBirch Growth Engine, is designed to ensure marketing and sales are collaborating at every step in order to maximize marketing’s ROI while allowing sales teams to strategically leverage marketing campaigns and customer insights.

“Looking at the increasing challenges facing businesses in this volatile market, we saw an opportunity to leverage the BriteBirch platform and develop an innovative offering by combining the unique strengths of our members. We understand that marketing leaders are under increasing scrutiny to deliver returns on their marketing spend, so through our decentralized model, why not bring marketing, sales and technology experts together to create something new for our clients,” says Jamie Read, CEO and Founder of the BriteBirch Collective.

In its biannual survey of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business found that in this ever-changing landscape, 61.2% of senior marketing leaders are finding it challenging to demonstrate the impact of marketing actions on financial outcomes and that many senior marketing leaders are filling the gaps by remaining closely aligned with sales leaders on goals, strategies, and data. In an era dominated by new technologies such as generative AI and increasing audience expectations for personalized experiences, CMOs are in a strong position to guide their organizations towards success. However, like the rest of their leadership team, they face the challenges of rising expenses and economic instability, intensifying scrutiny on how their marketing budgets are allocated.

“Customers today are spoiled for choice. They’re in the driver’s seat more than ever before,” says Read. “Their experience with your brand and products – from first awareness to becoming a referring customer – must be relevant, personalized, convenient, valuable, and seamless. If your company doesn’t deliver on these expectations, it doesn’t matter how strong your brand or product is. Leading B2B companies want to invest in the marketing that drives the most growth with the best ROI while ensuring their marketing and sales teams are working as one. There’s more data than ever but not enough insight into what’s working and what’s best for the business. The BriteBirch Growth Engine ensures that the right perspectives have a seat at the table and that they are all working towards the success of the business. When designed around a data-led approach, the Growth Engine becomes a powerful, sustainable, measurable and actionable tool for the entire business.”

While it sounds complicated, the process for clients is kept relatively simple. After an initial brief and consultation, BriteBirch curates a team to fit the budgetary, geographic and industry-specific needs of the client and assigns a Client Architect to provide oversight and project management of the team. BriteBirch handles the contracting, invoicing and coordination of the teams, ensuring that there is strategic alignment and shared goals. BriteBirch members get to set their own prices and work how they wish, while clients get senior specialist teams and big agency value, without big agency prices.

BriteBirch is offering free consultation in the month of April for B2B businesses looking to modernize their marketing. Visit for more details.

About BriteBirch Collective:

BriteBirch is quietly creating the agency model of the future, where clients, consultants and the community all win. We are a new kind of global integrated marketing and business consultancy, powered by our global network of more than 250 independent, experienced creative consultants who, together, unlock the power of perspective for our clients.

We curate diverse fit-for-purpose teams of vetted experts to support clients with complex marketing challenges providing insights, advisory and execution. As a fully decentralized workforce, we scale fast and are extremely flexible, working with low overheads and no shareholders or hidden fees so that we can maximize budgets and deliver the right team at the right moment.

We provide insights through data, technology and expertise. We offer senior advisory through perspective-based strategies that unlock opportunities and mitigate risks. And we action executable, scalable, creative solutions that deliver results.

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