Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Kitchen and Bath Decor Houston TX Memorial Day Sale

Kitchen and Bath Decor Kitchen Remodel Jan 2023

Kitchen and Bath Decor Kitchen Remodel Jan 2023

Kitchen Remodel March 2023

Kitchen Remodel March 2023

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Jan 2023

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Jan 2023

Remodel a Kitchen in Style: Memorial Day Sale on Kitchen Remodeling Services and Countertops In Houston

In addition to the discount prices, customers will have the opportunity to seek guidance from our team of experienced designers during the sale.”

— Celeste Haddad

HOUSTON, TX, USA, May 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Memorial Day sales are an annual ritual at Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston, but it’s important to remember what the holiday is truly supposed to observe.

This Memorial Day, Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston honors and remembers our fallen heroes. They are the reason that we are free.

This year, Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston’s Memorial Day special sale features savings of up to 45% off on kitchen remodeling services and countertops. KBD Houston proudly offers an additional 10% off for veterans and active military personnel.

Kitchen remodeling gives Houston homeowners the opportunity to breathe new life into their beloved kitchens.

A Kitchen remodeling project can be daunting, but with the right advice and guidance, it can be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

A good kitchen remodeling project will look at the available space within a kitchen and provide an efficient workflow and better storage.

Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston believes that a kitchen should be designed based on a homeowner’s personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Hiring an experienced Houston remodeling company can save valuable time and resources and increase the home’s value.

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling
The Experts in kitchen design at Kitchen And Bath Decor And More In Houston will break down a kitchen remodeling project into manageable steps to help ease the pressures that homeowners feel during this type of home improvement project.

They will develop the design, coordinate with the contractors involved, and ensure the project is completed on time.

Every kitchen remodeling project should start with one important decision – determining the budget upfront.

Often, a kitchen remodeling project can cost much more than expected due to inadequate cost management and research.

The thorough professionals at KBD Houston advise homeowners to set up budget plans ahead of time to avoid costly surprises down the road.

The key to a great kitchen is having enough storage space.

Not planning for sufficient storage can make it difficult to organize items, leaving countertops cluttered and cupboards overflowing. Adding new cabinets and storage space allows the kitchen to be more functional. Separating the kitchen into different zones and creating a variety of spaces for articles of different scales is key to an efficient and attractive kitchen that will last for years to come. Kitchen remodeling opens up the ability to install new, functional pieces that operate efficiently and cater to how things are done in the kitchen. The right appliances and cabinetry can make a kitchen easy to care for and result in a functional area that doesn’t require constant upkeep. New and improved appliances can reduce energy costs and make homes more sustainable. Older appliances can be fire hazards and consume a lot of electricity. Switching to energy-efficient appliances, such as electric stoves, will help cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause adverse effects on the environment. A well-remodeled kitchen can significantly increase the value of a home. Kitchen remodeling is usually a wise investment and will make any home more enjoyable.

Kitchen Countertops
A sturdy, well-designed countertop can round off a perfect Houston kitchen remodel project. Kitchen countertops are an investment that can withstand the test of time. Ideal countertops are tough and practical, as well as stylish. Kitchen countertops are a lot more than just places to chop and prepare vegetables or meat; they also hold most of the appliances in a kitchen. One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a kitchen countertop material is its ability to resist scratches, stains, and daily wear and tear. Granite and quartz perform well when exposed to hot pots, pans, and sharp knives. Cambria® quartz is stronger than granite and comes in several breathtaking designs.

It’s a certified safe food preparation surface because it prevents bacteria and mold growth. There are virtually no maintenance requirements since Cambria quartz doesn’t need to be sealed.

Natural stone countertops such as granite and marble require regular sealing.

Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – A Family-owned True Blue American Company With Over Twenty-five Years Of Experience And Expertise In Kitchen Remodeling. Kitchen & Bath Decor Houston is committed to providing exceptional customer service to Houston homeowners throughout remodeling. The company values time and strives to complete projects within the agreed-upon timeframe.

The kitchen designers at Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston love creating dazzling spaces where life is easy and memories are made.

KBD Houston sources materials from reputable companies only to ensure durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

At the announcement of the company’s Memorial Day sale, Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston representative Celeste Haddad said, “In addition to the discount prices, customers will have the opportunity to seek guidance from our team of experienced designers during the sale.”

A visibly excited Mrs. Haddad added, “The sale features an extensive collection of countertops in various colors, patterns, and finishes that will withstand the test of time”.

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