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Introducing RoofingOP CRM: Revolutionizing Roofing Business Management

Nurture Your Roofing Project Leads

Introducing RoofingOP CRM: Revolutionizing Roofing Business Management

Empowering roofers with a CRM that’s more than software – it’s a game-changer for the industry”

— Tom Bartholomew, CEO of Bartholomew Media Group

BEAR LAKE, MI, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2024 / — In an exciting development for the roofing industry, Bartholomew Media Group proudly announces the launch of RoofingOP CRM, a groundbreaking customer relationship management tool explicitly designed for roofing companies. This innovative software promises to redefine business management standards within the roofing sector, offering unparalleled efficiency and enhanced customer engagement capabilities. RoofingOP CRM, with its user-friendly interface and tailored functionalities, is set to become an indispensable tool for roofing professionals seeking to optimize their operations, streamline lead management, and foster strong customer relationships in today’s competitive market.

RoofingOP emerges as a leader in the Roofing CRM Software space with its array of standout features thoughtfully designed to address the specific challenges faced by roofing businesses. Its robust Lead Management system is at the forefront, simplifying the complex task of tracking and converting potential customers into loyal clients.

The platform’s User-Friendly Interface ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can easily navigate and utilize the system, making it accessible to all levels within a roofing company.

Furthermore, RoofingOP CRM’s Customizable Workflows offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their unique operational processes. This customization ensures that each company can optimize its workflow, from initial customer contact to final project completion, to best suit its business model and practices.

The introduction of RoofingOP CRM to the roofing industry brings a suite of significant benefits that are set to transform the way roofing companies operate. Foremost among these is Improved Efficiency; the CRM streamlines various business processes, enabling companies to save valuable time and resources. This efficiency boost allows roofing professionals to focus more on service delivery and less on administrative tasks.
In customer relations, RoofingOP CRM excels in Enhancing Customer Engagement. Its array of communication tools ensures roofing businesses can maintain closer, more meaningful client interactions, fostering stronger relationships and improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, RoofingOP CRM plays a pivotal role in Increasing Sales. Its effective lead management system aids in nurturing potential leads more effectively, leading to higher conversion rates. This holistic approach to lead nurturing and conversion is a game-changer, particularly for roofing companies looking to grow their clientele and increase their market share.

RoofingOP CRM distinguishes itself in the market with several unique selling points that cater specifically to the needs of the roofing industry. Its design, Exclusively for Roofers, is a standout feature. Every aspect of the CRM, from lead management to customer engagement, is crafted with the unique requirements and challenges of roofing businesses in mind. This industry-specific focus ensures roofing companies have a tool that truly understands and addresses their specific operational needs. In terms of affordability, RoofingOP CRM offers incredibly Attractive Pricing, making it accessible to both small and large roofing businesses. This approach democratizes access to high-quality CRM tools, ensuring businesses of all sizes can benefit from advanced technology without straining their budgets.

Additionally, RoofingOP CRM provides Comprehensive Support to its users. With easy-to-access customer support and a wealth of training resources, roofing companies can quickly adapt to and efficiently use the CRM, maximizing their investment. These support services are critical for businesses integrating new technology seamlessly into their operations.

Bartholomew Media Group, the innovators behind RoofingOP CRM, has roots deeply embedded in the construction and roofing industry, thanks to the personal journey of its CEO, Tom Bartholomew. Tom’s story in the industry began at a young age, assisting his father, a skilled carpenter, which ignited his passion for building and design. By the age of 19, Tom had already acquired his builder’s license, and he partnered with his father to run Bartholomew Builders for two decades. Roofing emerged as the largest service segment during this time, accounting for around 40% of all their projects.

This extensive hands-on experience in the roofing sector provided Tom with invaluable insights into roofing companies’ specific challenges and needs. Leveraging this knowledge, he founded Bartholomew Media Group, initially focusing on website design for roofers. The company quickly evolved into a full-service marketing agency dedicated to serving roofing companies, understanding their unique market position, and tailoring strategies to enhance their digital presence and operational efficiency.

RoofingOP CRM is the latest innovation from Bartholomew Media Group, reflecting the culmination of Tom’s extensive experience in the roofing industry and his commitment to delivering practical, high-value solutions. “With RoofingOP CRM, we’re not just introducing a product; we’re sharing a tool that is born from decades of firsthand experience in the roofing industry,” says Tom Bartholomew, CEO. “This CRM is designed to address the unique challenges roofers face daily. It’s our way of giving back to the industry that has been a significant part of my life and career.” This personal connection to the roofing sector makes RoofingOP CRM more than just a software solution; it’s a testament to a lifelong dedication to enhancing the efficiency and success of roofing businesses.

RoofingOP CRM is now available for roofing companies eager to experience the next level of business management and customer engagement. To learn more about this revolutionary CRM solution, visit our website at

Roofing businesses can take advantage of our 30-day free trial to experience RoofingOP CRM’s full capabilities or schedule a personalized demo to see how it can specifically benefit their operations. Introducing RoofingOP CRM: Revolutionizing Roofing Business Management. Our customer service team is readily available for further inquiries or additional information and can be reached at RoofingOP CRM is more than just a tool; it’s a partner in your business growth.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by. We invite all roofing companies to explore RoofingOP CRM and experience its transformative benefits. Whether streamlining your operations, enhancing your customer relationships, or boosting your sales, RoofingOP CRM is here to elevate your business to new heights. Sign up for your free trial or book a demo today and take the first step towards revolutionizing your roofing business. The future of roofing business management starts here with RoofingOP CRM.

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