Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Fleetmaxx Solutions builds trust with its most important stakeholders – its employees

Mark Checksfield New Operations Manager at Fleetmaxx Whitstable

Mark Checksfield – Operations Manager – Fleetmaxx Whitstable

Fleetmaxx Solutions - Your Trusted Partner for fuel, ev and fleet management solutions

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Some say that trust is the glue that holds society together, and nowhere is this more evident than at FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS.

Fleetmaxx supported me right from the start when I joined as a Business Development Manager in August 2019. ”

— Mark Checksfield

WHITSTABLE, KENT, UNITED KINGDOM, May 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Some say that trust is the glue that holds society together, and nowhere is this more evident than at FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS.

At 35, after a string of similar jobs in different organisations, Sales Manager Mark Checksfield explains what employer trust has done to motivate him: “Fleetmaxx supported me right from the start when I joined as a Business Development Manager in August 2019. They saw things in me that, at times, I didn’t even see; they have seen value in what I have to offer as an individual and have invested in me as an employee. Within a year, I became a Sales Manager, and now I am taking on a new promotion in July as Operations Manager. I’m not filling someone else’s shoes; they’ve created this role to suit my work and to support the future growth and success of the company.”

As an independent fuel card services provider that has operated for just shy of four years, working with most of the major fuel brands in the UK, Fleetmaxx Solutions is a new kid on the block in this highly competitive market, so trusting their employees with an entrepreneurial mindset has been a smart strategy to cement its success.

Mark articulates his feelings about the value of his employer’s trust: “The office culture is built on a foundation of flexibility, care, and a strong emphasis on family. It is a place where every individual’s views and opinions are valued, giving an inclusive and collaborative environment. Employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance with flexible arrangements that accommodate personal needs. Fleetmaxx genuinely cares for its employees, providing support and understanding, particularly when it comes to family commitments. Open communication channels and a culture of respect ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and taken into consideration, promoting a sense of belonging and collective decision-making.”

By investing in its employees, Fleetmaxx has undoubtedly harnessed the enthusiasm and authenticity of its people to spread their perceptions of fuel brands across the nation. The Whitstable office opened in late 2019, but during the Covid lockdown, they opened offices in Berwick, Burnley, Ipswich, and Leeds to support HGV operators, hauliers, couriers, delivery drivers, plumbers, builders, electricians, large organisations, fleet managers, transport managers, sole traders, owner drivers and start-up companies, all navigating that uncertain time.

Fleetmaxx is proud of its customer service, competitive, transparent pricing, and never any hidden extra charges. Mark continues: “Although it sounds cliché, success motivates me. When I started, it was to find out what customers wanted and then introduce them to an unbeatable choice of products and solutions, providing impartial advice and personal service. To be able to implement a new idea or way of working to see positive results then is a strong motivator for me. Communication is the biggest part of my day-to-day activities as a Sales Manager. I learn what my team needs, and I am naturally a problem solver, so generating ideas come easily. I look at things in a process-driven way, whether this is to improve something or fix something. Now, I will be using my problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills to become a successful Operations Manager for all our offices.”

So, it’s clear that trusting employees is bringing enormous benefits for Fleetmaxx and its workers. Especially now, as Mark explains that the fuel card trade is going through a substantial transformation in fleet operations. He says: “We’re not just talking about a piece of plastic. Digitalisation has played a pivotal role. This change has enabled streamlined fuel card management, improved tracking of fuel consumption, and better overall fleet efficiency. Analysing data means fleet operators can make data-driven decisions, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimise operational performance. The industry now has more security measures to combat fraud and unauthorised usages, such as customisable spending limits and reports such as irregular drawings reports. Fuel card providers have expanded their service offerings beyond fuel purchasing, incorporating features like Electric vehicle fuelcards, vehicle maintenance tracking, toll payment integration, and access to discounts on related services such as AdBlue®. These changes reflect the ongoing evolution of fleet operations within the fuel card industry, driven by technological advancements, data utilisation, and a focus on efficiency and control.”

Proving everyone at FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS works very hard to deliver what each customer needs from their fleet and fuel management supplier, excellent service, actual savings, and the security of working with a trusted partner.

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