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Evercam Construction Cameras bring visibility and support to American Foods Group’s greenfield project in Missouri

Evercam Construction Cameras Software

Evercam Construction Cameras Software

Evercam were selected by American Foods Group to provide visibility on the construction of their $800 million manufacturing facility in Warren County, Missouri.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 15, 2023 / — Evercam Construction Cameras announced it partnered with American Foods Group as its construction camera provider while building its $800 million manufacturing facility in Warren County, Missouri. Evercam is excited to partner with American Foods Group to provide complete video documentation and cutting-edge reality capture technology for this historic investment in the state of Missouri.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to provide a better building experience for American Foods Group, Gray Construction, and all of the other organizations coming together on this massive project,” says Kevin Pierce, Senior Sales Manager at Evercam Construction Cameras. “Evercam will help them ensure that safe, effective building methods are used to complete the building on time. This will help the people of Warren County, Missouri reap the economic benefits of what American Foods Group has pledged to their region and help feed the world.”

“Partnering with Evercam Construction Cameras will help us effectively navigate the next few years of our project build,” said Jennifer Dibbern, Vice President of Marketing at American Foods Group. “The service provided by Evercam has already reached above our expectations and our partnership will help us achieve success during the project build and beyond.”

This partnership will provide American Foods Group with the necessary platform to monitor the construction of its new, state-of-the-art beef processing facility for the two-year project. Evercam provides visual communication tools to keep construction projects on schedule, within budget, and with minimal health/safety incidents. Additionally, Evercam delivers marketing support to American Foods Group to help promote their project internally and externally, featuring the positive economic impact in Warren County, Missouri, and food supplies throughout the United States of America.

About Evercam
Evercam is the industry-leading provider of construction camera software that unifies visual construction data in one central location, bringing together BIM, drone, 360 cameras, and project management software integrations to make multiple data sources readily available for customers. Their mission is to provide their customers with complete visibility of all construction projects from anywhere in the world. Evercam is used to avoid accidents, delays, and disputes by having a complete video record of an entire project.

About American Foods Group
American Foods Group is a family-owned and privately held beef processing company dating back to 1946. Based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, with locations throughout the Midwest, American Foods Group contributes to the global food system by providing safe, wholesome meat products while proudly supporting its employees and partners.

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