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EnergySmart Institute Offers Online On-Demand Water Conservation Modeling Course

Modeling Water Efficiency Course

Modeling Water Efficiency Course

EnergySmart Institute Logo with Text

EnergySmart Institute Logo

Sharla Holding RESNET 2020-2021 Awards

Sharla Riead Holding RESNET 2020-2021 Awards

Water Conservation is Energy Conservation that will Save Money! New Water Conservation Modeling Course Using Residential Energy Modeling Software.

Including water conservation in residential energy models has become quite important as mega droughts and water shortages are experienced across the USA.”

— Sharla Riead, Primary Instructor of EnergySmart Institute

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 28, 2023 / — Water is a precious resource and water conservation has become a major focus nationally. Water levels in reservoirs have been dropping to dangerous levels and droughts have been expanding across the country. Conserving water also conserves energy because it takes energy to process water, pump water, heat water and store water

The newest energy conservation code includes credit for designing a compact hot water piping layout. Residential energy modeling software now includes water efficiency items that run the gamut from piping lengths and water line insulation to recirculation systems and drain water heat recovery.

RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network, has a Certified Energy Modeler designation which includes training to ensure energy models are accurate and complete. RESNET also has a new required continuing education component for each software tool that a Certified Energy Modeler or Certified Home Energy Rater uses in their work. This continuing education has been difficult to achieve due to a lack of approved courses. The EnergySmart Institute announces that their latest course, Modeling Water Efficiency Items in REM/Rate and Ekotrope, has been approved by RESNET to satisfy that professional development requirement.

To be truly accurate, energy models must include any water efficiency and water inefficient items found in the dwelling. The EnergySmart Institute course, Modeling Water Efficiency Items in REM/Rate and Ekotrope, guides the student through the water efficiency items found in most structures as well as those less common items such as recirculation systems and drain water heat recovery. It teaches how to calculate piping distances for various plumbing types, how to find and record water efficient items, how to determine from plans what type of plumbing system is expected, and the differences in accounting for these systems for single family versus multi-family structures. A description of and calculations for the new Hot Water Distribution System Compactness Factor from the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is included as part of this training.

As more focus is placed on water conservation and energy efficiency, the EnergySmart Institute course is a win-win-win tool to learn how to model these items accurately, gain approved professional development hours, and help understand the changes that can be made in residential construction to save water and energy!

Remember: Water Conservation is Energy Conservation!

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EnergySmart Institute
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