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Ultra-high performance engineering machinery

UDINE, UDINE, ITALY, February 1, 2024 / — Udine Italia 1 febbraio 2024 – Eidos, a Italian based company engaged internationally in the production of briquetting machines for pressing metal shavings from machining materials, announces the market launch of the “Evtm-565 Lb Ladybug,” the evolution in compacting metal shavings through briquetting. Key feature, the great attention to environmental sustainability: hence the name “Ladybug,” one of the most elegant and environmentally useful creatures.

“Evtm-565 Lb Ladybug” is the most compact and most versatile briquetting machine among its competitors, the right choice for pressing the leftovers from any machine. The hopper without the extension has a height of 565mm and a capacity of 60 liters; with the extension, the height reaches 768mm and a capacity of 130 liters. The metal safety barriers have a height of 1400mm. It is equipped with a pneumatic pushing system, an anti-bridge system, a drainage system, and cutters.
Compared with the previous Evtm-55-L briquette machine, “Ladybug” is equipped with a new Cpu and user interface, a new motor driver, and a new cabinet and hopper. It retains, however, the Evtm-55-L’s pressing system, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic components and Balluff sensors.

It is a true autonomous machine: it acts without any human input; it understands if you need to speed up briquetting; when the machine presses the material it also calculates the length and volume of the briquette. The amount of coolant recovered can also be known.
Comparison with competing machines in terms of similarity, production capacity and installed power show all the novelty encapsulated in “Evtm-565 Lb Ladybug,” which wins in minimum size, compactness, production capacity from aluminum and steel, and excellent compacting from the briquetting process. “Ladybug” performs by power index for aluminum and steel and is first on the podium for reduced hydraulic oil consumption.
In addition, Eidos announces a further performance increase for June 2024: a production of 100 kilograms per hour with aluminum and 200 kilograms per hour with steel. Pressure on the briquette will reach 1,200 kilograms per square centimeter.

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