Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Dr. Margaret Smiechowski Unveils State-of-the-Art Salt Cave in Oak Park, Michigan, Opening Mid-July

Experience deep relaxation and respiratory benefits in our Himalayan Salt Cave. Enter a cool, tranquil salt cave with walls and floor made out of salt. Feel pure air, relax in comfy seats, enjoy gentle sounds, and experience a soothing ambiance.

Experience the beauty of Oak Park, MI Salt Cave

To achieve a therapeutic effect, three elements must be present in the salt cave: salt on all four walls, climate control, and a salt generator,”

— Margaret Smiechowski

OAK PARK, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — Renowned salt therapy pioneer Dr. Margaret Smiechowski proudly announces the completion of her latest Himalayan salt cave in Oak Park, Michigan, which will open in mid-July. This new facility exemplifies the highest standards in the industry, featuring the best technology and newest equipment.

Dr. Smiechowski, who introduced the concept of salt therapy to the United States approximately 20 years ago and built the country’s first Himalayan salt cave, continues leading the industry with unparalleled expertise. “To achieve a therapeutic effect, three elements must be present in the salt cave: salt on all four walls, climate control, and a salt generator,” explained Dr. Smiechowski.

Ensuring safety and efficacy is paramount in the construction of salt caves. “Salt must be applied with non-toxic materials, and the climate control must be calibrated to maintain client safety. If you leave the cave covered with salt dust, the concentration is too high,” Dr. Smiechowski added.

She emphasized the importance of recognizing ineffective salt therapy rooms and salt caves. “The first big giveaway is AC grills in the ceiling of the salt cave. Second, avoid rooms with sticks, fabrics, and pillows, as they can easily break down by salt and become allergens,” advised Dr. Smiechowski.

Dr. Smiechowski guides those interested in starting a salt therapy business, urging them to seek support from experienced companies. “It will ensure your success in the salt therapy business. We offer lifetime support to all our clients,” she stated. She also warned against building salt rooms on a low budget, noting that a well-constructed salt cave in the same area can quickly push lesser-quality rooms out of business.

For more information on the new Himalayan salt cave in Oak Park opening mid-July or to consult with Dr. Smiechowski for salt therapy business inquiries, please get in touch with or call 802-770-3138

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