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Discover how ExtractoDAO, Drawer, and DEx are transforming timeshare with Huawei and Microsoft at Blockchain Life Dubai

“Discover how ExtractoDAO, Drawer, and DEx are transforming timeshare with Huawei and Microsoft at Blockchain Life Dubai.”

We will modernize the timeshare market, DeFi, and the future of physical products in partnership with Microsoft and Huawei. Get ready for our revolutionary launch on October 24th!”

— CEO – Joel Almeida

PETERBOROUGH, HAMPTON VALE, UK, August 26, 2023/ — ExtractoDAO presents a unique and innovative approach by bringing real-world physical products into the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). Its emphasis on utilizing tangible assets such as timeshare, gold, silver, emeralds, diamonds, and more, offers a range of advantages that stand out in the current landscape. Let’s explore some of the notable aspects that define ExtractoDAO and its role within the decentralized financial ecosystem. Dubai’s Festival City will come alive from October 24th to 25th as it hosts Blockchain Life 2023, a pivotal event in the blockchain world. It’s a unique moment where revolutionary projects, disruptive technologies, and visionary initiatives converge. Amidst this dynamic backdrop, ExtractoDAO shines as a beacon of innovation, poised to unveil its transformative DEX platform to an eager audience.

At the forefront of this innovation, ExtractoDAO proudly introduces the world’s first DEX – a decentralized exchange set to redefine the financial transaction landscape. The recent collaboration with Microsoft further amplifies the pioneering spirit of ExtractoDAO. Remarkably, the successful completion of a Proof of Concept (POC) with industry giant Huawei underscores ExtractoDAO’s technological prowess. The culmination of this partnership, combined with Microsoft’s collaboration, highlights ExtractoDAO’s readiness for global execution.

The resounding success of the POC is not only evidence of ExtractoDAO’s capabilities but also underscores its commitment to transparency. The data collected from the POC will be made available to investors, ensuring openness and fostering confidence in the platform’s potential. This shift reflects ExtractoDAO’s dedication to sharing its milestones and progress with its community and partners, generating even more enthusiasm for its innovative vision.” Highlights Joel Almeida, CEO of ExtractoDAO.

“Conrad Peres, Director of the Huawei for Startups program, enthusiastically hails the successful Proof of Concept (POC) completed with ExtractoDAO as a remarkable testament to the potential of collaborative innovation. As he reflects on the POC’s achievements, he envisions an exciting landscape for emerging startups, emphasizing that pioneering initiatives like ExtractoDAO are reshaping the future of blockchain technology. The success of ExtractoDAO’s groundbreaking efforts sets a strong precedent for the boundless possibilities awaiting innovative startups in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.”

“Zhu Wan Jing, a driving force in empowering enterprise businesses with the power of Huawei Cloud in Latin America, proudly states that Huawei is fully prepared to incubate innovative startups in the global blockchain sector. She particularly highlights the innovative program initiated by ExtractoDAO as evidence of Huawei’s commitment to promoting innovation and nurturing emerging talents in the blockchain space.”

Regulation and Credibility: The active pursuit of registration and authorization with CVM is a significant milestone for ExtractoDAO. This demonstrates a commitment to regulatory compliance and helps establish the platform as a legitimate and trustworthy operation. The fact that CVM is recognized as an advanced and serious regulatory authority in the crypto sphere adds credibility to ExtractoDAO. The request for registration of the first futures market DEX with CVM, the foremost regulatory authority in LATAM and one of the most advanced in cryptocurrency regulation worldwide, is a significant step. This highlights ExtractoDAO’s proactive approach to adhering to rigorous regulations and demonstrates how CVM is ahead of many other global regulators, positioning itself as a leading authority in the adoption and regulation of blockchain-based financial innovations. This further underscores ExtractoDAO’s commitment to establishing a solid and reliable foundation for its decentralized financial services.

DEX for Futures: The initiative to establish the first futures market DEX alongside CVM reveals a pioneering vision. This not only expands the range of financial products available in DeFi but also establishes a solid foundation for innovation and institutional participation in the DeFi space. The ability to link real-world physical products to DeFi not only provides a stronger connection to the real economy but also offers the opportunity to derive real profits from these assets. This contrasts with many digital assets whose value is often influenced by speculative factors. The challenge of real economy product liquidity is uniquely addressed by ExtractoDAO. By listing products as collateral and allowing their trading, the platform not only creates a new dimension of liquidity for these assets but also enables holders to utilize them more effectively for financial purposes. The multi-collateral approach, where various physical products can be used as collateral, further diversifies ExtractoDAO’s strategy. This reduces the inherent risk of using a single asset as collateral, creating a safer environment for DeFi users.

ExtractoDAO stands out as a participant that ingeniously bridges the physical and digital worlds. By providing a new dimension of liquidity, real investment opportunities, and a robust regulatory framework, the platform not only addresses persistent challenges but also paves the way for new horizons in the decentralized economy. Its commitment to compliance and innovation promises to influence the future trajectory of DeFi while laying a solid foundation for the evolution of the real economy within the blockchain ecosystem.

“Introducing the Drawer platform, ExtractoDAO not only resolves long-standing transparency issues but also reinvents the way we perceive property transactions. By implementing smart contracts, the platform ensures that fees and payments are conducted with absolute transparency and accuracy, eradicating doubts and hidden costs. Moreover, the comprehensive legal framework ensures that the buyer’s interests are fully protected. A groundbreaking facet of this innovation lies in the flexible nature of timeshare ownership. Through the utilization of the Drawer platform, timeshare holders can easily rent out their shares when unoccupied, generating additional revenue streams. When desired, holders can put their timeshares up for sale on the DEX, much like any other tradable asset, enabling free trading driven by market dynamics. This transformative approach liberates timeshare owners from perpetual obligations and positions timeshare as a dynamic financial investment within the real estate sector. ExtractoDAO’s visionary model thus redefines property ownership, fostering accessibility, flexibility, and financial growth.” Explains Almeida.

ExtractoDAO, in collaboration with Drawer, also presents an innovation that could revolutionize expensive tourist destinations like Dubai. With the ability to fractionally own properties, ExtractoDAO enables investors to acquire fractions of real estate in desired destinations. This opens opportunities for more people to experience premium locations and helps drive tourism.

Adrian Kutenski Lenevov
ExtractoDAO LTD
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“The V1 of Drawer and the upcoming V2 with DEX will be launched at Blockchain Life 2023.