Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Consultix WTX-35C-1 CW Transmitter (Public Band Safety) solves 1KHz resolution required for site surveys 60-1000 MHz

Buy the WTX-35B-4 Port CW Transmitter and trade-in your non or working CW Transmtter, while promotion last

Consultix WTX-35C-1 CW Transmitter solves the (Public Band Safety) 1KHz resolution required for site surveys 60-1000 MHz or up to 3700 MHZ +20 dBm

If you don’t do CW Commissioning of a DAS system it will cost you errors, money and down time.”

— Sam Valdivia

ORLANDO, FL, USA, June 17, 2024 / — Since its founding in 2005, Consultix has helped re-define and grow the market of telecom test equipment for field applications. Besides its innovative handheld RF testers for general purposes, the company leads the market with the most comprehensive portfolio of testing and planning tools for the fast-growing IBS / DAS industry. Consultix product lines cover the entire project life cycle end to end; from design and verification, installation testing & commissioning all the way to long-term maintenance, optimization, and monitoring solutions. All over the world, our innovative range of solutions and services help operators, network vendors, and system Integrators achieve ultimate design performance, fast project deliveries as well as low OPEX.

Consultix’s award-winning CellWizard™ Test Transmitters dedicated for Public Safety and Cellular bands are setting the standard for next generation transmitters for indoor and outdoor applications. The wideband operation frequency allows a single device to be used for all bands and technologies from 60MHz and up to 3 GHz, eliminating the need to purchase and carry multiple transmitters to the site.

The superior RF performance and output level accuracy, +20 dBm standalone output power and +47 dBm with optional external amplifiers, make it the ideal solution for outdoor and Indoor propagation model tuning, and DAS injection tests. CellWizard™ WTX-35-C Transmitter 60 MHz to 3700 MHz

Consultix CellWizard™ test transmitters are simply field-proof portable RF signal generators yet in a form that is battery operated and heavy-duty.

The CellWizard™ CW test transmitter product line is particularly designed for multi-band field applications such as In-building site modeling (model calibration), DAS injection/testing, walk-testing as well as outdoor path model tuning, thanks to its broad range of optional power amplifiers.

Consultix family of test transmitters provides precise RF test signals in several forms comprising CW, WCDMA, LTE modulations and simultaneous multi-port configurations. If you need multiport 2 or 4 Ports from 150 MHz-4 GHz please look at our flag ship model WTX-35B-2 or -4 Series. The Multi-Port models allow users to utilize one transmitter to generate up to 4 CW signals simultaneously on the device 4 ports. Each port operates totally independent from the other three and is wideband to the entire frequency range of the transmitter range.

If you would like to learn more about CW DAS testing send us an e-mail to request a series of white papers. Examples: Indoor Coverage | The Risk of Skipping Model Calibration, CBRS & C-Band | What Radio Engineers need to know, 3.5 GHz Band | Planning & Test Practices, IBS Testing Pocket Guide. Part 1, IBS Testing Pocket Guide. Part 2 (DAS RF Testing), IBS Designer Checklist, 6 Factors affecting CW Setup Accuracy, IBS Projects: 7 Reasons why CW Testing is Vital for Performance and Cost optimization please click on the link below to ask for a download of the white paper to be sent.

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