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Cleaning WorkSource: Revolutionizing Recruitment in the Cleaning Industry

Cleaning WorkSource logo featuring blue and orange abstract shapes forming a dynamic 'X' above the company name. Below, the tagline reads 'Connecting Cleaning Talent with Opportunities.

Cleaning WorkSource Logo

Cleaning WorkSource offers a secure, dedicated job board for the cleaning industry with advanced tools, nationwide reach, and free job searches.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2024 / — “The cleaning industry employs millions across the U.S., yet finding the right job or candidate remains a significant challenge,” says Steven Pajevic, co-founder of Cleaning WorkSource. This innovative job board is set to transform how job seekers and employers connect in the cleaning sector.

A Vision Born from Experience

Steven and Kristina Pajevic have spent over a decade navigating the challenges of hiring in the cleaning industry. They experienced the inefficiencies of general job boards that often failed to connect them with the right candidates. Determined to find a better way, they envisioned a platform to address these specific needs and challenges.

From Frustration to Innovation

After years of struggling to find qualified candidates through existing job boards, Steven and Kristina decided to take matters into their own hands. They recalled a particularly frustrating incident when a promising candidate was lost due to a convoluted application process. This spurred them to create a job board dedicated exclusively to the cleaning industry. Their goal was to create a platform that served employers and truly supported job seekers.

Commitment to Dual-Focus

“Many job boards focus solely on employers, who are their main source of revenue,” says Steven Pajevic. “We understand that if we attract, inform, and truly help job seekers, the employers will naturally follow. It’s like running two businesses in one.” This dual-focus approach ensures that Cleaning WorkSource provides value to both job seekers and employers, creating a balanced and effective recruitment ecosystem.

Innovative Features and Benefits

Top-Notch Security: A secure platform ensures the highest level of protection for all users.

Accessible Pricing: Enjoy temporary price rollbacks and free trials, making our services accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Advanced Screening: Efficiently filter candidates with tools designed to identify specific qualifications and experience.

Unlimited Postings: Perfect for high-volume recruiters and franchise operators needing multiple listings nationwide.

Broad Reach: Benefit from nationwide coverage, accessing a vast network of candidates.

Maximized Visibility: Job posts are shared directly to Google Job Search, ensuring they reach a wider audience.

Enhanced Exposure: RSS feeds are utilized by other job boards, providing additional visibility for your listings.

Impressive Metrics

Job Views: 2,572
Active Jobs: 10,492 (searchable jobs)

A Clear Mission

Cleaning WorkSource’s mission is to positively impact 10,000 people by 2025 by helping them find work, provide for their families and communities, and assist businesses in growing and flourishing.

Real-Life Impact

The platform has already proven successful. Crystal Clean Green Cleaning, a company managed by the founders, reduced its time-to-hire by 50%, increased employee retention by 30%, and saved 63% on recruitment costs by using Cleaning WorkSource.

Why Cleaning WorkSource?

Cleaning WorkSource’s specialization in the cleaning industry sets it apart from general job boards like Indeed and Monster. By focusing exclusively on cleaning jobs, offering advanced tools, affordable pricing, and exceptional support, Cleaning WorkSource is the superior choice for both job seekers and employers. Plus, it is free to search for jobs and apply.

Steven Pajevic
Cleaning WorkSource
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