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CaPSCi Set to Revolutionize a $70 Billion U.S. Construction PropTech Market

U.S. identity markets estimated to be worth a staggering $100 billion enables Construction PropTech with an estimated value of $475B by 2030

Automating data center operations was easier. Property operation is fragmented between companies in diverse industries, we need trusted identities to authenticate access to Construction AI Libraries.”

— Gary Davis, BidForms CIO and CaPSCi co-author

SARATOGA, CA, USA, January 25, 2024 / — BidForms Organization is proud to introduce CaPSCi identity infrastructures, a groundbreaking security architecture set to transform the way property communicates with its service provider ecosystems through Construction PropTech estimated at $70B in 2023.

CaPSCi identity infrastructures integrates BIM Technologies and AI Libraries offering an agnostic framework for industrywide integration of diverse technologies, establishing autonomous property operations and isolating property owner/investors from the expense of emerging service provider technologies.

The the 2023 estimated U. S. market for PropTech was $14 billion but it that’s not the whole picture. Industry experts predict largely untapped Construction PropTech markets are 5x larger – the equivalent of $70 billion for 2023.

Worldwide PropTech is forecasted to hit $94 billion by 2030, and BidForms anticipates just the U.S. markets for Construction PropTech infrastructure provided by the company and its partners could reach $100B by 2032. Construction PropTech could eventually exceed $475 billion.

The U.S. Construction PropTech markets present a huge opportunity for developers and users. It’s characterized by five distinct areas of technology interacting between three industry sectors on common tasks ranging from concept to operations with autonomy in design, build, maintenance, upgrades, tenant improvements and routine services.

BidForms Organization and its partners operate several Identity Service Provider (ISP) platforms as a security layer implementing trusted identities that can be digitally verified anonymously through technology.

Three ISPs form a foundation for the minimum technology requirements to establish autonomy between the property, its projects and data, management, tenants, contractors and service providers.

CaPSCi architects designed the infrastructure to support independent partners or Identity Service Providers in banking, finance, insurance, real estate, regulators, and public entities. Diversity enhances identity security allowing partners to strategically address regulatory influence within each industry.

CaPSCi emerged from patented technology and software called SLACi originally designed for autonomous data center operations. Here computer facilities, equipment and software are owned by a single company but the diversity of stakeholders and ownership mirrors the fragmentation of property ecosystems and operation.

CaPSCi extended SLACi to facilitate the integration of Construction PropTech by dynamically linking people, processes, and workflows to the requirements of property on-demand.

Industry identities are state-of-the-art technology opening new markets for Construction PropTech and use cases by seamlessly connecting users to property, data and services at every stage of the project.

And, they offer transparent user access to Construction AI Libraries, widely distributed industry data and technologies that form and include building information models (BIM). Digital authentication closes the gap between build documentation and translating digital data into operational efficiency.

CaPSCi extends the value proposition of PropTech to property investors, management, contractors, and other service providers through integrated application programming interface (API) processes that eliminate redundant manually performed user tasks.

BidForms innovative approach enables diverse technologies to operate in collaboration as members of a property project whether it’s new construction, upgrades, routine service like landscaping or tenant service requests. Identities allow AEC and contractor technologies to seamlessly integrate industry AI libraries provided by building owners, product manufacturers, local marketplaces and regulators.

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BidForms Organization
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