Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Business Name: Zensurance
Business Phone Number: 888-654-6030
Business Address: 200 University Avenue, Suite 1302
Postal / ZIP Code: M5H 3C6
Business Categories:
Business Website Address: Zensurance.com
Business Description:

Your business insurance, quick and easy!

We believe the current process of buying and managing business insurance is due for a refresh.
How come we can buy almost everything online, but for business insurance, we need to make multiple phone calls, wait for a quote, send documents via fax and then go to the broker’s office?

At Zensurance we do things a little differently. We work hard at helping business owners save time by allowing them to request a quote online, 24/7, without having to speak to anyone. We understand how this is different from traditional insurance brokers, and that is exactly what motivated us to create an online brokerage!

While our business is carried out online, we have a face and a place. We’re 50+ people working passionately in the heart of Toronto to make getting business insurance a fast and easy process. If a business owner ever has to file a claim, we’re there to provide support.