Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Britt Glynn, Co-Founder of GLYNNdesignbuild, is Transforming the Design-Build Industry with Innovation and Ingenuity

Britt and Aaron Glynn.

GLYNNdesignbuild enjoyed working with Christie Tyreus, Designer, on this project. Photography by Benny Chan.

The house was completely restyled and remodeled by GLYNNdesignbuild in 2016-1017. Photography by Paul Schefz.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2024 / — Britt Glynn, Co-Founder of GLYNNdesignbuild, a distinguished custom architecture and general contracting firm based in Los Angeles, California, is making waves with her unparalleled expertise in design-build and traditional general contracting services. Co-founded in 2002 with her husband, Aaron, GLYNNdesignbuild has become a trailblazer in redefining the construction process and delivering projects with meticulous attention to detail and efficiency.

GLYNNdesignbuild’s commitment to excellence is evident in its adoption of the Design-Build method; Glynn says she can estimate the construction cost during the initial client consultation because the company oversees the building process. This ensures an accurate budget and makes the design-build process transparent and more affordable.

“As defined, the Design-Build method offers the client a single point of responsibility, thereby reducing client risk and overall cost. As your primary contact, we can manage your project from conceptual design through construction. We have found that this way of working offers a smooth transition between design and construction, more attention to detail during construction, and a more effective line of communication for the entire team. We can uniquely analyze the construction cost during early design phases, guiding the design process in a more focused way,” informs Glynn.

The company’s extensive experience spans all residential design and construction phases, including schematic design, site planning, construction documents, permitting, and more. GLYNNdesignbuild’s portfolio boasts diverse projects, from residential remodels and custom homes to sustainable design, landscape environments, hillside expansions, boutique retail spaces, and contemporary industrial office renovations.

Glynn says it is not just the integrity and quality of her work but her expertise in the design process and her uncanny eye for functionality that sets her apart from other design-build firms. Understanding how a space will work for the client is most important. Glynn adds that finishing a project and realizing furniture cannot fit properly into the space is just one of the many mishaps that can happen when good interior design is overlooked.

“Many companies that claim to be design-build entities are construction companies that have little or no experience with the design process,” explains Glynn. They often outsource the design aspect of the project. I start my projects from a design standpoint, focusing on building from the inside out.”

As graduates holding Master’s degrees in Architecture from the prestigious Southern California Institute of Architecture, Aaron and Britton Glynn bring a unique blend of architectural insight and construction prowess. Aaron is a licensed General Contractor, while Britton is a licensed Architect, making them a dynamic duo equipped to integrate design and construction seamlessly.

To learn more about Britt and Aaron Glynn and GLYNNdesignbuild, click here:

Britt Glynn
+1 310-455-9650