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BCS Navigates Unique Challenges on The Travis Project for JE Dunn

An aerial of The Travis Building in downtown Austin mid-construction on a foggy day.

The Travis Building in downtown Austin aerial view.

Ground level view of The Travis Building in Downtown Austin in mid-construction.

Ground level view of The Travis Building in Downtown Austin.

BCS Concrete Structures, in collaboration with JE Dunn, achieves remarkable progress on the Travis Project in downtown Austin, a 54+ story multi-use structure.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / — In partnership with JE Dunn, BCS Concrete Structures, a leading force in commercial concrete construction, is making remarkable progress on the Travis project in downtown Austin. Under the care of Project Manager Joseph Sanderson and General Superintendent Rafael Lopez, the team is addressing a distinctive set of challenges associated with constructing a 54+ story multi-use structure.

Working against the backdrop of a design intended for tunnel forms, BCS employs conventional forming materials and techniques that emphasize the team’s adaptability and proficiency. The project involves pouring nearly 15,000 square feet of horizontal concrete per week, along with constructing 37 walls and two structural cores. BCS also stated their plans, where concrete has been placed every day for the past six months and is anticipated to continue until the top-out date.

According to Joseph Sanderson, the top five challenges we face are:

Constructability with the unique design
Temperature Extremes
Falling Object Protection
High Winds
Aggressive Production Schedule

Notably, BCS is successfully completing one full level per week, with the top-out date slated for early February.

The summer’s extreme temperatures, reaching over 120 degrees on the working deck, presented additional hurdles. The concrete contractor prioritized crew hydration and introduced cooling stations on multiple floors while adjusting the delivery schedule to counter the challenges posed by the intense heat.

The implementation of truss tables for horizontal framing marked an important shift towards falling object protection. Acknowledging the risk associated with such sizable picks and their cranes, BCS instituted a 100% tieback program, securing every conceivable object that might leave the building during construction. Some of them being jacks, rollers, plywood, and brooms. Through stringent training and adherence to safety protocols, BCS has successfully mitigated hazards associated with elevated work.

Wind, a significant factor in high-rise construction, has also been carefully managed. With gusts above 28 mph necessitating a halt in crane production, BCS employed effective communication, teamwork, and attention to detail to prevent weather-related delays from impacting the project timeline.

Other than these, Rafael Lopez, a seasoned veteran with 25 years of experience in elevated work, identifies the height and design of the building as the principal challenges. Adapting tunnel form-designed approaches to a conventional Doka wall form system due to project constraints has tested the team’s ingenuity.

BCS looks to successfully complete The Travis Project one full level per week, with the top-out date slated for early February.

About BCS Concrete Structures:
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About JE Dunn Construction:
JE Dunn Construction is a national construction company offering construction management, design-build, and general contracting services. With a focus on collaborative and sustainable practices, JE Dunn is dedicated to delivering high-quality projects across various sectors.

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