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ATMOsphere Opens Registration for 2024 Natural Refrigerants Label, with New Contractor Category

ATMO Approved Label Contractor Applications Open

ATMO Approved Label Contractor Applications Open

The new category recognizes contractors/installers who accelerate the adoption of natural-refrigerant based solutions.

We are adding a new category [this year] to approve contractors who play a vital role in the acceleration of natural refrigerant-based solutions.”

— Marc Chasserot, ATMOsphere Founder and CEO

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 8, 2023 / — The globally recognized ATMOsphere approved label for the natural refrigerants industry has opened registration for 2024, with a new category for contractors/installers who accelerate the adoption of natural refrigerant-based cooling and heating solutions.

ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), a global accelerator for natural refrigerants, launched the label in 2022 as a way to recognize the best natural refrigerant companies and products. It helps end users find the best-in-class natural refrigerant-based manufacturers and contractors to improve HVAC&R system performance and reduce overall carbon footprint.

The new application period closes on January 31, 2024; the label is renewed annually.

Registration for the 2024 label can be found below, along with additional information.

“In the past, we have worked exclusively with manufacturers of systems and components, and we are adding a new category [this year] to approve contractors who play a vital role in the acceleration of natural refrigerant-based solutions,” said Marc Chasserot, ATMOsphere Founder and Owner. “We want to recognize them as they are often the middleman between the end users and the manufacturers.”

The 2024 label will also include training criteria for the first time for new applications and renewals. “We want to recognize a proactive approach to training customers, partners, employees and suppliers to ensure we not only have the best in class equipment, but the best in class installation and maintenance of these systems,” Chasserot said.

Another 2024 label criterion centers around per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Recent research found significant levels of trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) – linked to the atmospheric breakdown of certain HFO and HFC refrigerants – in dust, drinking water and human blood in a study of households in Indiana (U.S.). The study characterized TFA as being part of the PFAS chemical family.

“The 2024 label criteria around PFAS acknowledges what companies are doing to ensure they are PFAS-free,” Chasserot said.

“ATMO-approved companies have the vision and leadership required to navigate the market today and help [companies] move away from PFAS and global warming synthetic alternatives,” an ATMOsphere YouTube video said.

Additional new benefits added to the 2024 ATMO label include:

• An annual report for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors.
• End user tours at major trade shows to meet approved companies.
• Exclusive webinar targeting end users, consultants and contractors.
• End user case studies, showcasing best practices.

ATMOsphere is a global, independent market accelerator for clean cooling and natural refrigerant solutions. According to its website, the company’s “network spans the globe and includes more than 50,000 industry stakeholders – from policymakers and end users to academia, manufacturers, and everyone in between.”

Marc Chasserot
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