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Alam Flora, PLUS Malaysia, MBSA and PETRONAS were recognised for innovating with geospatial technology

Picture 1: Image of CS Tan, CEO, Esri Malaysia delivering his opening speech.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, March 17, 2023 / — Four Malaysian commercial and government organisations have implemented a dynamic platform to record, engage and understand data through geospatial technology; improving business impact across waste, land, resource and highway management.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution speeds up and takes Malaysia into the future, geospatial technology leads the way forward, through the power of location-based analytics.

Mr CS Tan, CEO of Esri Malaysia – the leading geospatial technology organisation in the region – said the solutions demonstrate how progressive Malaysian businesses are uncovering hidden patterns and trends across their data, to drive better decision making.

“Government, civic leaders and commercial organisations can no longer take a conservative approach to the challenges of our time. There is an ocean of data available and geospatial technology allows businesses to easily take a data-driven approach to their operations. By uncovering trends in data, geospatial technology reveals the unknown, supports forecasting and enables predictive modelling and planning to save time, boost operational efficiency and encourage sustainability,” Mr Tan said.

Four leading Malaysian organisations – Alam Flora, PLUS Malaysia, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, and PETRONAS – are pioneering new ways of solving complex problems through geospatial technology.

The common goal – streamlining complex data accessibility and visualisation to boost efficiency and optimise operations.

In the case of PLUS Malaysia, the organisation developed the PLUSGeospatial data visualisation system, helping enable approximately 3,700 team members nationwide monitor and maintain 1,130km of highway supporting 1.7 million vehicles each day.

This innovative geospatial application delivers a dynamic real-life view of operations to manage incidents including the environmental impacts of the Gunung Tempurung oil spill and lane closures resulting from flash flooding.

According to Mr Kang Yew Jin, Chief Technology Officer, PLUS Malaysia, “Geospatial technology is very promising for our PLUS teams to ensure road user safety by maintaining efficient highway operations. Furthermore, geospatial technology generates new business solutions and opportunities, transforming the overall landscape for the service and transportation industries,” Mr Kang concluded.

In relation to Alam Flora, the organisation launched its own geospatial platform, GeoFlora. The innovation visualises workflows, increases operational efficiency, and enhances service delivery.

The solution supports the collection and disposal of more than one million tonnes of waste annually and serves to further cement Alam Flora as the leading environmental management company, dedicated to reducing waste with minimal environmental impact.

Dato’ Mohd Zain Hassan, CEO of Alam Flora, said, “The GeoFlora platform has a positive impact on our operational teams and provides a new level of transparency for regulators. By analysing the data through these applications, our daily operational activities are more efficient. This has had a positive impact on the work of our daily operation teams and positively improves the opinions of regulators inspecting the quality of our services,” Mr Hassan concluded.

Today, at the 2023 GeoInnovation Awards, hosted by Esri Malaysia, Alam Flora, PLUS Malaysia, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, and PETRONAS were recognised for their world-leading application of geospatial technology.

Recipients of an Esri Malaysia GeoInnovation Award will be automatically nominated for a Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems (SAG) Award.

The award ceremony will be held in San Diego, California, this July – as a key feature of Esri’s User Conference, which will host more than 15,000 delegates from across the globe.

About Esri Malaysia

Esri Malaysia is the nation’s foremost authority on Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and more specifically. Through its association with the Boustead Geospatial Group and broader Esri distributor community, Esri Malaysia continues to play a key role in furthering the adoption of GIS capabilities and delivering commercially responsible solutions in Malaysia.

What is Geospatial technology?

Geospatial technology – commonly known as Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – has added a new dimension to the practice of analysing business information. GIS technology makes the study of the spatial relationships within data possible. The technology translates complex datasets into the universal language of smart maps – exposing patterns and connections that may otherwise be hidden in a maze of numeric tables.

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