Sunday, December 3, 2023
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JCB 1 Backhoe Loader Restoration – The Full Story

Eric Carnaby & Son has been a JCB customer since 1959 and over six decades, has bought more than 150 JCBs. It’s one of our longest standing customers. To celebrate this relationship of more than 60 years and to celebrate the our own 75th anniversary, we’re restoring the Carnaby family’s cherished 1964 JCB 1 backhoe loader.

This is the full story, featuring all three full-length episodes in one.

The story begins when George Bamford – grandson of JCB Founder Joseph Cyril Bamford CBE – springs the restoration surprise on Roland Carnaby Sr. and Jr. during a visit to the Carnabys’ premises. The project team then gets to work restoring the machine. This involved taking the full machine apart and sending component parts to the various JCB facilities so that they could be inspected, then either repaired or replaced. Later, the finished machine is handed back in its beautifully-restored form.

Courtesy of JCBmachines